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MLB The Show 24: All New Legends

MLB The Show 24 is lining up to be the next installment in the baseball franchise, and coming off a decent year, fans are excited to see where San Diego Studio takes this years game.

One feature that is getting some additions this year is the legends, which are going to be usable in the Diamond Dynasty.

Here’s all the new ones for MLB The Show 24.

MLB The Show 24: All New Legends

MLB The Show has always been one of the more consistent sporting titles over the years, and while others have moved towards a micro-transaction heavy style, MLB has stayed the same, as fans can more or less play the game competitively without spending real money.

With the release date of March 19 looming, players are getting amped to begin Diamond Dynasty once again, and these new legends will be featured within the game.

  • Andy Pettitte
  • Berine Williams
  • Paul O’Neill
  • Josh Gibson
  • Toni Stone
  • Buck Leonard
  • Henry Aaron
  • Andrew Miller
  • John Kruk
  • Richie Sexson
  • Rich Aurilia
  • Brian Dozier
  • Johan Santana
  • Tony Oliva
  • Rafael Palmeiro
  • Adrian Beltre

We’ll be on the lookout for more news pertaining to this years game, as we can assume some legends that aren’t in the game yet, could be added before the games fully released.