Kicking off the eSports year 2016

It will be a great year for professionals, amateurs and their fans. eSports has become so much more than it was before: with worldwide events and prize purses that can compete with any other sport. The times of small LAN parties may be fading which could bring a tear of emotional remembrance to the eyes of those that spent a lot of their weekends with their friends, playing games in small self-made LANs in their basements. eSports has become professional, the times of sleeping underneath a desk as member of a real team are over.

Dreamhack coming to Germany
We kick off the eSports year 2016 in Leipzig, Germany, with the first installment of the German Dreamhack. For more than 20 years Dreamhack has united eSports teams, hackers and fans in Jönkoping, Sweden and is now part of the German eSports scene. Some of you might remember that the Games Convention used to be in Leipzig. That large scale gaming event and exhibition is now located in Cologne, Germany. It’s safe to say that Leipzig’s gamers know how to handle an event of that magnitude. Let’s hope that the first German Dreamhack is a big success and paves the way to more eSports events worldwide.

Are you planning to attend any eSports events in 2016 – as fan or player?