Join Team Turtle Beach & Friends to Celebrate the Launch of COD: WWII

Join Team Turtle Beach and friends as they race to prestige in Call of Duty:WWII, while rocking the best gaming headsets around!

It’s a footrace! The big weekend is finally here – Call of Duty: WWII has officially launched, which means everyone is racing, with boots firmly planted, to rank up as fast as possible. Join in on the fun (and win some sweet prizes along the way!) as Team Turtle Beach and friends grind to prestige!

OpTic Gaming

The storied eSports organization have already begun the grind to max prestige. Expect appearances from OpTic mainstays such as Pamaj, Flamesword, Maniac, possible appearances from OpTic COD and Halo, along with the newest addition to the org – OpTic Spratt!

When: Now, and continuing throughout the weekend.

WhereOpTic Gaming’s Twitch Channel

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Splyce's Call of Duty team get ready to stream to celebrate the launch of Call of Duty:WWII with Turtle Beach gaming headsets.The all-star European COD Squad will of course be grinding along with the rest of us this weekend. There’s nothing quite like the launch of a new Call of Duty game to bring gamers from all over the world together.

When: Friday, November 3rd at 10am EDT.


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SYF Gaming

Speaking of gamers around the world, our friends down under, SYF Gaming, have already begun their journey to max prestige. You know, thanks to timezones and all that. Lucky blokes!

When: Now, and running for 72 hours.


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You can bet your great grand-daddy’s M1 Garand that the Old Men of OpTic (OMoO) will be lacing up their boots this weekend as well, if not on OpTic Gaming’s official Twitch, then on their own personal channels. A member of OpTic since 2006, Di3seL has made a name for himself first in competitive COD, and now as a variety streamer and content creator, streaming 200+ hours a month!

When: This weekend


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Was there any doubt the two time back-to-back international champion would step into the fray to assert his ruthless gaming prowess? And where DrDisRespect goes, the Slick Daddy Club is sure to closely follow.

Repeat after us: “Violence. Speed. Momentum.”

When: Friday November 3rd at 12pm PDT


Watch live video from DrDisRespectLIVE on www.twitch.tvAnd if you’re unfortunate enough this weekend to not have the latest COD title in your twitchy hands, did we mention we’re also running a fantastic giveaway? You don’t want to miss this one!