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Is Escape From Tarkov Arena Wiping? Full Details and More

Escape From Tarkov is the hardcore extraction shooter that fits a perfect niche within the gaming community, and fans have adored the title for quite some time now.

One of the main mechanics of the game is the usual wipes, but players are wondering if it’s going to affect Arena this time around.

Here’s what we know.

Is Escape From Tarkov Arena Wiping? Full Details and More

layers have long awaited the arrival of EFT’s deathmatch mode, and they’ve been testing the mode in early access over the course of the last week, and have been enjoying it thus far.

However, fans have been wondering if it’s going to wipe alongside the standard game mode, as this would mean we would have to start all over in terms of unlocking weapons and what not.

Battle State Games have now confirmed that no, Escape From Tarkov Arena is not going to wipe when the regular game does. Instead, the game will continue as usual, and players will be able to keep all their progress.

If this changes in the near future we’ll be sure to update this page, but we cannot see this happening, especially with how new the game mode is.