How to Get Every Science Weapon in The Outer Worlds

Players who are able to get their hands on the science weapons in The Outer Worlds will be able to experience some wacky adventures.

How to Get Every Science Weapon in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds has brought an incredible universe for video game players to experience and enjoy. There are plenty of activities you can partake in when making your way through the marvelous environments contained within The Outer Worlds. One of these entertaining quests is finding all of the unique science weapons that are scattered across the high-profile title. These science weapons are easily some of the most unique and enjoyable items to use when battling against the evil corporate overlords found in The Outer Worlds.

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There are a total of five science weapons players can locate and add to their inventories. These science weapons all possess unique abilities from making enemies levitate to controlling minds. You can find these five exceptional items below:

  • Gloop Gun
  • Mind Control Ray
  • Mandibular Rearranger
  • Prismatic Hammer
  • Shrink Ray

Now, to make sure you can start having fun with these fan-favorite weapons as quickly as possible, we have gathered together everything you need to know when it comes to acquiring every science weapon in The Outer Worlds. Shall we get down to business?

Gloop Gun

Monarch is the location where you will need to head to find our first science weapon on the list. You will need to accept the Errors Unseen side mission. This particular quest will take you to the UDL Lab that is southwest of Stellar Bay. Head inside the UDL Lab and eliminate all of the enemies located there. You will then find a terminal locking a room where the Gloop Gun is found. There are two different ways you can unlock this room. Hacking is a viable option to open up this room. Players will also have the ability to open this room by answering three questions from the terminal. However, you must select the evilest corporate answers to the questions to gain access to the area where the Gloop Gun is located.

Mind Control Ray

Head to Monarch and visit the character of Duncan in the Fallbrook Dry Goods and Supplies Store. Buy the Sublight datapad item from Duncan. This Sublight datapad will have you make your way to an abandoned lab found in the Cascadia area. The Mind Control Ray will be located near the terminal you used in the Space-Crime Continuum quest. Take a left from this particular terminal and jump onto the platform in front of you. Jump to the platform to your right and climb the ladder that will appear. You will then find the incredibly fun mind control ray science weapon.

Mandibular Rearranger

Players trying to collect the Mandibular Rearranger will have to make their way to Groundbreaker and speak with a character known as Gladys. Purchase the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge and take a look at it in your quarters on the ship. You will be directed to head to a pinned location on your map in the area of Scylla. The Outer Worlds science weapon of the Mandibular Rearranger will be found in the building next to the abandoned mining post that you will come across.

Prismatic Hammer

Those who are wanting to get their hands on the Prismatic Hammer will need to head to the location of Groundbreaker. Speak with Gladys for a second time and purchase the battered Mardet datapad from her. This item will direct you to head to a room found on the west side of Groundbreaker. The room will be located to your left in between the customs checkpoint and the Groundbreaker Promenade. You will know it is the right room if there are bunks inside. Climb on top of the bunks and enter the Repair Hangar through the hole in the wall. Your Prismatic Hammer will then be found past the door on your right. This door can either be opened with the Repair hangar Keycard or your lockpicking skills.

Shrink Ray

The shrink ray is located in the lab of the one and only Dr. Phineas Welles. Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to travel to the lab of Welles and collect the shrink ray until you progress far enough into the game where you can leave Terra 2 and secure the ability to travel with the Unreliable. All that you have to do next is to make your way to the lab of Dr. Phineas Welles. Your shrink ray will be on the table next to the character.

An inventory filled with these five science weapons will make any time spent in The Outer Worlds even more enjoyable and crazy in ways that you could never have experienced before without collecting these unique items for your adventures.

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