How To Find Relic Weapons In Gears 5

There are various locations scattered across the world of Gears 5 where players can find powerful relic weapons.

How To Find Relic Weapons In Gears 5

There is no shortage of entertaining and unique weapons players can use to defeat their enemies within the world of Gears 5. From the trusty Lancer to the explosive Torque Bow, there is a wide array of firearms players can use to take down the Locust and Swarm.

One of the newest group of firearms introduced in Gears 5 that players can utilize in their fight against the Locust and Swarm are known as relic weapons. These relic weapons are pieces of equipment from the past and pack some nasty punches for whoever is on the receiving end of their munitions.

These relic weapons are scattered throughout various areas you will travel through in your playthrough of the Gears 5 campaign. Their locations are marked by the signature Crimson Gear Omen that has been synonymous with the popular franchise throughout its life.

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With these relic weapons providing plenty of fun for players, we have gathered together the locations of all 17 available for you to find in Gears 5 throughout Act 2 and 3.

Gears 5 Relic Weapons Act 2

Enforcer – Deals excellent damage, offers slower faster rate than standard Enforcer

  • Location – on the left cliff wall before the Northern Passage gate

Longshot – Active Reloads give you an extra bullet before having to reload

  • Location – inside of the red shack east of the train tunnel

Retro Lancer – Fire explosive rounds that airburst to attack close enemies

  • Location – near a tree located in a rocky clearing northeast of the Old COG Wall

Boltok – Offers faster handling and is easier to fire from the hip than the standard Boltok

  • Location – to the east of the Condor crash site located by the East Tower substation on an ice wall

Boomshot – Fires three explosive rounds in between reloads

  • Location – behind the buildings located to the right of the doors for the north tower substation

Dropshot – Fires a cryo-blasting round that freezes enemies

  • Location – behind ice boulders that are northwest of the transmission signal source

Torque Bow – Quickly fires non-explosive bolts

  • Location – on the path up and to the right of the gates that lead you to the abandoned mine.

Gears 5 Relic Weapons Act 3

Talon – Active reload grants increased damage and more controllable fire rate

  • Location – south of the abandoned airport and to the right of the Hanger 1 entrance

Hammerburst – Fires a more extended burst than the last with each pull of the trigger

  • Location – in a weapons crate between Harbor Docks and City Ruins

Claw – Active reload activates a higher rate-of-fire

  • Location – in the bushes by the tower building that is buried to the west of the Rocket Hangar

Markza – Offers fully-automatic capability.

  • Location – in the trunk of a car slightly north of the pump station

Overkill – Offers fully-automatic capability.

  • Location – northeast of the Bridge Control House

Snub – Fires a 2-round burst

  • Location – southeast of the rocket hangar on a wall

Gnasher – Fires a single slug

  • Location – near the cliffs on the edge of the map to the north of the Water Tower

Lancer GL – Grenade Launcher fires straight and bursts near enemies

  • Location – near the support pillar underneath the overhang that is southwest of the Water Tower

Lancer – Performing a melee attack stuns enemies

  • Location – on the south side of the cargo shipwreck in the middle of the debris

Embar – Offers a slower charge rate with an extremely powerful slug

  • Location – on a set of crates that are west of the crash condor which is west of the train turntable

The relic weapons in Gears 5 offer players the ability to draw upon the past of the popular franchise in their fight against the Locust and Swarm with an arsenal of devastating firepower.

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