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How To Clean Your Turtle Beach Headset

How To Clean Your Turtle Beach Headset

First, please note that we’re not making any definitive claims, and are not medical experts or scientists. You should absolutely still refer to the CDC, WHO, or both, for up-to-date information on how to disinfect your personal items and protect against the COVID-19 virus.


With that said, we understand cleaning and care for your Turtle Beach headset is an important concern in these strange times, and so here is some information to help keep your Turtle Beach headset clean:

  • Begin by mixing a small drop or two of mild dish detergent into a bowl of warm water. Do not use other cleaning solutions, as they may damage your headset.
  • Dip a clean, dry cloth into the soap water.
  • Once the cloth is wet, wring it out to remove as much moisture as you can. (You don’t want the cloth to be wet, just damp)
  • Using the damp cloth, wipe the headset and ear cushions, taking care to avoid dripping liquid into the opening on the microphone, as well any foam materials, including microphone covers.
  • For harder to reach areas, you can use a cotton swab dipped in the same soapy water, again making sure to wipe away the excess liquid.
  • NOTE: If you would like to use alcohol wipes instead, that should be fine. However, please be sure to read the labels for the product and follow any safety instructions.