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How to Clean Clothing and Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Clean clothes and a shiny sword go a long way in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is why it’s so important you take the time to clean your gear.

Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach provides tips on how to clean clothing and weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.Kingdom Come: Deliverance has struck a chord with gamers who want the perfect mix of realism and medieval gameplay. Every aspect of the world requires your attention and demands that you treat it as if you would in the real world, and this includes your clothing and weapons. Unlike Skyrim in VR, where you can get away with being covered in blood, the people of Kingdom Come: Deliverance want you looking your best, so it’s important to know how to clean your clothing and your weapons.

How to Clean Clothing and Weapons

Cleaning your clothing is a simple process, but there are two ways you can go about doing it: clean them yourself or take them to a bathhouse to be laundered. Cleaning your clothes yourself is obviously the cheaper option, but that means finding a stream or a trough of water and having a quick rinse. It won’t give you the best results, and isn’t great for the durability of your clothing.

Alternatively, you can visit a local bathhouse and pay the maids there to wash your clothes, and they will even give you a bath, in the event you want to scrub up. The reason for all this washing of clothes is that people will respect you more if you’re nice and clean. A good idea is to keep a spare change of clothes in a chest or on you to change into after a battle, just in case you need to speak with anyone.

Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach provides tips on how to clean clothing and weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Cleaning the blood off your weapons is a little trickier, as you can’t dunk your sword in a river to wash off the blood of your enemies. To clean your weapon, take it to a blacksmith and look for a grindstone. This process not only sharpens your blade, it also removes the grime of your fights. You can always pay a blacksmith to do this for you, but as the son of a blacksmith, probably do it yourself!

Looking good in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is just as important as knowing how to fight. The better and cleaner you look, the more sway you will have when speaking to the people of Bohemia – it’s its own sort of battle. If you find yourself looking a bit shabby, take the time to clean your clothes and weapons.

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