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Here’s How To Ace This Week’s Fortnite Challenges

From birthday cakes to pigeon shoots, here’s how to complete Week 3’s challenges.

Fortnite's 1st Birthday CelebrationIt’s that time of the week when Epic reveals the weekly Fortnite challenges, and it seems the latest line-up will be of particular interest to the sharpshooters out there. With weekly challenge resets for free players and battle pass owners, Fortnite’s first birthday celebrations and Shark Week all colliding at once, there are plenty of challenges and rewards on offer for your time on the battlefield this week. Here’s how to get your points and prizes in week 3!

Fortnite Season 3 Free Challenges – Week 3

Let’s start with the free challenges, which as always are open to all players. You can earn five stars by dealing 500 damage to opponents and another five stars for using a launchpad. Nothing tricky there. There’s also a new treasure map to follow, this time hidden in Flush Factory, and that will earn you 10 stars for completion.

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Thankfully, it’s not a particularly difficult hunt this time and you don’t need to find the map to get to the treasure. The clue is pretty easy to decipher, providing you’re familiar with your Fortnite locations. If you’re not, we’ll help you out: you’re looking for the hill at the fork in the road in between Salty Springs and Fatal Fields. On the top of the hill is a path, with a house and an ice cream truck. There you’ll find a wooden platform with your prize: a giant Battle Star which pops out when you walk within a few metres. If you don’t see it immediately keep walking around the deck until it spins into existence. Enjoy!

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Challenges – Week 3

For those playing with the Season 5 Battle Pass, there are loads more stars on offer. Searching seven chests in Fatal Fields will nab you five more stars, while eliminating five opponents in the Haunted Hills map area will get you 10 more. Three eliminations with explosive weapons gets you another 10 stars.

There’s always a challenge that sends players scurrying around the map, looking for specific places to perform specific tasks, and this week it’s clay pigeon shooting, or skeet shooting.

Fortnite Season 5 Challenges map

You’ll find one shooting spot near the south-west corner of Pleasant Park, another near the north east shore of Loot Lake, and one more due north of Tomato Town. The remaining two are in the south of the map, with one on the coast between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory and the final target launcher about halfway along the horizontal highway running across the southern end of Paradise Palms. Visit all five and successfully shoot a disc at each, and another five stars will be added to your total. The fast-moving saucers make this one tricky, so use a shotgun for better odds of something hitting the mark.

Fortnite Shark Week Cosmetics

Fortnite Shark Week Skins and ItemsYou’ll also be able to tackle all these challenges while stupidly dressed, of course, as Epic is celebrating that most sacred of all American traditions: Shark Week.

If you’ve got V-Bucks to spare then you can pick up the Snorkel Ops outfit for 1,200; the Chomp Jr outfit for 1,500; and a choice of Chomp Sr and Shark Fin for 2,000. There’s also a new undersea emote – On the Hook – yours for just 500 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

Fortnite Season 5 Birthday Cake locations

Fortnite’s birthday celebrations are also still ongoing, with sweet rewards for those who dance in front of at least  birthday cakes. And who doesn’t love doing that? To find each of the birthday cakes just glide on down to one of the locations marked on this map, where you’ll find a massive cake waiting. If somehow you take a bit of damage during the party, eat one of the slices helpfully left around these cakes to recover a little health and keep going. The wonders of sugar!!

That’s a lot to do, so you’d best get out there! See you on the battlefield!

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