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Helldivers 2: All Stratagems and How To Unlock Them

Helldivers 2 is the latest first-person shooter released by PlayStation, and it’s been off to a high flying start on both PS5 and Steam.

One of the best aspects of the game is the Stratagems, and there’s going to be a lot for players to unlock.

Here’s all of them in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: All Stratagems and How To Unlock Them

Helldivers 2 features a ton of destruction within the game, and whether you’re calling down an orbital strike to enemies, or using one of the new weapons you unlocked, something is always being shot at.

However, you’re also going to want to keep in mind that there’s numerous Stratagems for players to unlock, and we’re going to list them all below.

Patriotic Administration Center

Stratagem Description Unlock requirements
Machine Gun Heavy and powerful machine gun, capable of one-shotting lower-tiered enemies. Level one
Anti-Material Rifle Sniper rifle that dishes immense power to light armor. Must be aimed down sights to use. Level two
Costs 5000 credits
Stalwart Large magazine, easy-use machine gun. Level two
Costs 3500 credits
Expendable Anti-Tank Single-use rocket launcher that destroys armor. Level three
Costs 3000 credits
Recoilless Rifle A reloadable rocket launch. Useful against armored aliens. Level five
Flamethrower Ignites enemies and the environment. Can also ignite teammates. Close-range battle only. Level 10
Autocannon A fully-automatic cannon. Useful against armored targets. Level 10
Railgun Has charged armor-piercing shots. Level 20
Spear A homing missile that must lock onto armored targets. Level 20

Orbital Cannons Stratagems

Stratagem Description Unlock requirements
Orbital Gatling Barrage Multiple high-explosive rounds fired from the Destroyer. Level two
Costs 1500 credits
Orbital Airburst Strike Shrapnel rounds sent from orbit that can kill multiple low-leveled enemies at once. Level five
Orbital 120MM HE Barrage A small but powerful missile capable of killing pockets of enemies. Level five
Orbital 380MM HE Barrage Multiple airstrikes across a massive radius. Level eight
Orbital Walking Barrage A barrage that moves forward, with multiple artillery strikes following one after another. Level 10
Orbital Laser A laser that targets enemies within its attack radius. Level 15
Orbital Railcannon Strike A powerful strike that targets the largest enemy nearest to the beacon. Level 20

Hangar Stratagems

Stratagem Description How to unlock
Eagle Strafing Run A fast-shooting artillery attack that kills smaller enemies easily. Level two
Costs 1500 credits
Eagle Airstrike A group of bombs set off in a row, not specifically targeting enemies. Level two
Costs 4000 credits
Eagle Cluster Bomb A small air strike capable of killing smaller enemies. Level three
Costs 4000 credits
Eagle Napalm Airstrike Napalm bombs that create a wall of fire. Level five
Jump Pack Charge the Jump Pack to leap over armored enemies and walls and avoid incoming damage from nearby enemies. Level eight
Eagle Smoke Strike Multiple smoke grenades that block the line of sight from enemies, allowing you to reposition and ambush the enemy. Level eight
Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods A small cluster of bombs that target the largest enemy closest to the beacon. Level 10
Eagle 500KG Bomb A large bomb that kills anything within its radius. Level 15

Bridge Stratagems

Stratagem Description How to unlock
Orbital Precision Strike A single precision shot sent from above. Level one
Orbital Gas Strike A projectile that releases corrosive gas. Level three
Costs 4000 credits
Orbital EMS Strike Stuns and halts enemy movements with an electrical blast field. Level five
Orbital Smoke Strike Creates a smoke screen, reducing enemies’ line of sight. Level eight
HMG Emplacement A manned and stationary turret that rotates slowly but dishes high power with every bullet. Level 10
Shield Generator Relay Deploys an energy shield. Level 10
Tesla Tower An electrical pylon that shocks enemies nearby. Level 15

Engineering Bay Stratagems

Stratagem Description How to unlock
Anti-Personnel Minefield A stationary structure that releases minefields in a large radius surrounding it. Level two
Costs 1500 credits
Supply Pack A backpack that gives ammunition to other Helldivers. Level three
Costs 4000 credits
Grenade Launcher A grenade launcher, powerful against low-levelled enemies. Level five
Laser Cannon Fires a continuous beam and can overheat. Level five
Incendiary Mines Another structure that deploys mines in its radius. Has incendiary effects. Level eight
“Guard Dog” Rover A drone with a laser rifle. Level 10
Ballistic Shield Backpack A shield effective against small incoming damage. Level 12
Arc Thrower A weapon that shoots an arc of lightning, effective only at close range. Level 15
Shield Generator Pack A shield that covers the Helldiver, effective against projectiles. Level 20

Robotics Workshop

Stratagem Description How to unlock
Machine Gun Sentry A machine gun turret. Level three
Costs 1500 credits
Gatling Sentry An automatic turret with high fire rate. Level five
Mortar Sentry A turret that shoots shells, great for long-range battles. Level eight
“Guard Dog” A drone with an assault rifle equipped. Level 10
Autocannon Sentry Anti-tank cannon that auto-fires. Level 13
Rocket Sentry Automated turret that is powerful against armored enemies. Level 15
EMS Mortar Sentry A turret that fires electrical generators that show enemies. Level 20