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Get Ready for Some Classic Spoops With These Perfect Indie Horror Games

For those looking to get their indie on in the spirit of Halloween, here are just a few hand-picked indie titles to get you on your ‘spoopy’ way.

Get Ready for Some Classic Spoops With These Perfect Indie Horror Games

It’s almost Halloween and while many are planning to be out and about in search of delectable treats and devious tricks, some may be looking to have a quiet night at home bundled up with some fan-favorite games. For those looking to get their indie on in the spirit of Halloween, here are just a few hand-picked indie titles to get you on your ‘spoopy’ way. 

Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 is a perfect homage to classic survival horror games. This third-person adventure is for the most hardcore of gamers with survival mechanics that will make you cry and brutal enemies that want to see you dead. 

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This game is rife with puzzles and engaging combat as well as a story set within a secret research facility that hosts a fatal security breach that unleashes a fatal chemical weapon out into the world. If you want to see a peaceful town thrust into the depths of hell this Halloween, Daymare is the adventure you need. 

Stories Untold

Stories Untold is a horror anthology that connects four terrifying tales and brings them in episodic form. Episode one is free on Steam right now, which makes it a perfect option for Halloween, and thrusts players into different scenarios guaranteed to scare the socks off of you. 

Episode one, for example, will put players in an abandoned house in an ancient text format while sitting at a desk. Through this adventure’s progression, the environment begins to bleed into different settings, changing in conjunction with the choices made in-game. The evolution is terrifying and hard to predict, and that’s just episode one. 


You know those Reddit forums where redditors will trade spooky stories in an effort to freak each other the eff out? That’s basically SCP- 087. The SCP adventures are meant to be disturbing, uncomfortable, and downright terrifying with different scenarios designed to terrify. 

A perfect example of how this vision succeeds in this goal is Stairwell, which seems simple enough. This has players walk down a very scary and dark stairwell to visit various floors hiding horrors galore. Its simplicity is what makes it so successful, because the first impression of it will make you think it’s predictable and therefore manageable. 

It’s not, it’s going to freak you out. You’re welcome.


Unlike Daymare, F.E.A.R is a first-person horror adventure that will crawl under your skin. If you like shooters, this game is perfect, and its selection of weaponry is beyond impressive. But it’s not the bountiful enemies that bring the fear, it’s a strange lone figure that awaits after you think you’re safe. 

Her name is Alma and she is always there, always waiting and she will always scare the crap out of you. Oh, and did we mention this game has a telepathic cannibal because this game definitely has a telepathic cannibal. 

F.E.A.R has high impact combat and jump scares for days and that’s why we would be amiss if we left this bad boy off of our recommendation list. 

Little Nightmares 

Little Nightmares is deceptively charming. It has the look and feel of a charming fairytale with a terrifying twist. This title will make you feel uncomfortable and slightly out of place with its narrative that features a tiny yellow character that must escape the Maw and all of its terrors. 

What makes Little Nightmares a gem is not that it’s overtly scary, it’s that it is creatively scary. With some Evil Within-esque enemies set within a kids-like environment, the juxtaposition of the entire game’s setting is enough to set your teeth on edge while keeping the player engaged until the very end. 

Alan Wake 

Alan Wake was a truly unique title that as a writer myself, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the eerie narrative surrounding an author and his new reality. 

This game was a critically acclaimed psychological thriller that came out back in 2010. It centers around the best-selling author Alan Wake as he searches for his wife that disappeared while the couple was on vacation. His search for her uncovers a series of pages from a thriller he has no recollection of writing, which sets the pace for a thrilling mystery that will haunt you long after the end credits roll.

Though plans for a sequel have come and gone, it looks like the possibility of a new adventure might be on the way once more because the studio, Remedy, has recently reobtained the rights to this particular brand of horror.  


SOMA comes from the studio that gave us Amnesia – another thrilling horror adventure – and is a psychological thriller that should definitely not be ignored. 

The story centers around identity and what it means to be human with a narrative-driven by desperation, isolation, and pure terror in the ocean’s depths. Essentially, the game is … it’s incredible. Intricate, immersive, challenging – it’s the perfect journey for those craving a different sort of horror experience.

SOMA is haunting at times, terrifying and deceptively calming. It’s because of that unique pacing that this game is one that sticks with you and is perfect for those horror fans looking for something a little different. 

Silent Hill 2 

We know: when one thinks of indie they don’t think of Konami but back in the early Silent Hill days, that’s still technically what this studio was classified as. Also, we just really wanted an excuse to talk about Sutherland’s torment. 

Though it looks like the Silent Hill franchise is on a bit of a hiatus, Konami sure knew how to bring the thrills with this terrifying series. That being said, it was their story revolving around the torment of James Sutherland that truly had us terrified as we followed him through horrors in search of his deceased wife. 

This game is perfect for those that love to hunt for a solid ending. With various ways for the story to go and hidden secrets nestled throughout the narrative, Silent Hill 2 is a title that needs to be on that indie radar. 

There are so many other horror games out there from all different types of indie developers. What are some of your favorite picks when looking for some unique Halloween thrills? 

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