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16 Year Old Phenom Wins FUT Champions Cup Barcelona

The first FUT Champions Cup of 2018 has taken place over last weekend, in none other than picturesque Barcelona.

Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach looks back at the FUT 18 Champions Cup which took place in Barcelona.The first FIFA event of the year has kicked off in Barcelona, ushering in the FIFA 18 Global Series 2018. Playing at this event were none other than VfL Wolfburg’s TimoX and Salzor, along with Supremacy’s Vicente, and Futwiz’s Dubzje, Zelonius, and Honey Badger.

FUT Champions took place over last weekend, January 26 to 28, with over 120 competitors vying for a chance at the $200,000 prize pool. The competition was split into two sections, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the Grand Final taking place on both consoles with the victor being decided on the highest aggregate score after two games. The player who takes home first spot will be looking at $22,000 to call their own.

For VfL Wolfburg, the Group Stages were a chance to show everyone else why they’re the best, and TimoX and Salzor did not disappoint. The rounds started off with a bang for the two, as they both pulled in some incredible stats. Salzor managed to net a phenomenal 7-0 scorecard, placing him neatly in the race to the Grand Final while TimoX pulled an impressive 4-3, securing his spot in the last leg as well.

Gamers compete at the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona using Turtle Beach Elite Pro gaming headsets.Futwiz wasn’t far behind as Honey Badger and Dubzje lined up and took their shots for glory. Honey Badger earned 4 victories to 3 losses, a respectable ratio that secured his slot in the next bracket. Meanwhile, Dubzje netted a 5-2 record on the Xbox One version of FIFA, cementing his position in the knockout stage. This placed Futwiz in an excellent position for a run at top-billing.

Starting with the Xbox One ladder, Futwiz’s Dubzje faced off against Crafty, a player who managed to leave Group Stages with a 4-3 record. Although Dubzje had another victory on his card, it didn’t bode well for the Knockout stage as Crafty took the victory, 4-3.

Gamers compete at the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona using Turtle Beach Elite Pro gaming headsets.Over on the PlayStation 4 bracket, Salzor was up against Testotier, who had managed to leave the Group Stage with a 4-3 score. It was a nail-biting match, as Salzor and Testotier traded goals, but it was Testotier who claimed a 7-5 victory.

Unfortunately, Honey Badger came to a similar demise against DenII_10, a player who netted a 5-2 record in groups. However, this didn’t stop the match from being extremely entertaining. The two players traded goals back and forth, but in the end, DenII_10 claimed victory, going 7-5.

16 year old phenom DhTekKz wins it all at the Barcelona eWorldCup while wearing the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset.But it was a 16 year old phenom who stole the show, as the Grand Final came down to the young and untested DhTekKz from Xbox One and Nicholas99FC from PlayStation 4.. It was an incredible display of talent as the underdog DhTekKz scored goal after goal, ending the matches with a 9-3 over his PS4 counterpart, and earning himself $22,000. Not bad for his first tournament outing – ever! We can’t wait to see what happens at the next FUT Champions Cup in April!