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Five Ways To Have Fun In Fortnite Season 5 That Aren’t A Victory Royale

In case you somehow missed the giant crack in the sky, and the bewildering array of objects from history spilling into Fortnite’s map, the game’s fifth season is upon us and things are getting pretty weird. This latest content drop is the most eclectic yet, and the first to really offer new things to do that aren’t building towers, or shooting other players, or building towers from which to shoot at other players.

With that in mind, fire up the game, pop your headset on, put your weapons to one side and check out our guide to the things you can now do in Fortnite that don’t involve chasing a Victory Royale…

Go hiking and mountain climbing

Wave goodbye to the boggy slog of Moisty Mire at the southeast corner of the map and say hello to Paradise Palms, a new desert biome that is crammed with chests for looting. You’ll also want to crank up the volume to really enjoy the atmospheric new wilderness ambient sounds added for the occasion. This is a large, dry expanse but the best clusters of chests can be found on the zone’s mountain tops. Head over there, get exploring and climbing, and you’re bound to come away with some cool gear for your trouble. Of course, with so much cool stuff to find, you won’t be the only person with this goal, so maybe keep one trigger finger at the ready, just in case!

Take a buggy ride with friends

There’s another change to the north of the map. Anarchy Acres has been replaced by…a golf course called Lazy Links. Head for the clubhouse here to find the cool new All Terrain Kart (ATK) vehicle. This speedy little buggy has room for four people – your whole squad – and is great fun to just whizz around in. There are a couple of extra tricks to try while in the ATK. Passengers in the back seat can help get bigger air when you jump by leaning back then pushing forward at the same time. Similarly, the roof of the buggy acts as a trampoline so feel free to use that to your advantage once you’re ready to get back into the Battle Royale action. The ATK can also drift around corners – perhaps inspired by all those players recreating Mario Kart tracks in Playground mode – and you’ll get a speed boost when you do so. Head to the race track in Paradise Palms to really put your drift skills to the test!

Hit The Links For Some Putting Action

There’s a golf course, so naturally you’re going to be able to play golf. You’ll need to hit Tier 27 in the Season 5 Battle Pass to unlock the golf ball toy that lets you do this, but once you have it you can equip it like an emote, and take some time out to whack a few balls at the pins across the course. And guess what? Fortnite actually makes for a pretty good golf game! You’ll even get a little celebration whenever you sink the ball – so don’t be surprised if this turns up as one of the challenges this season.

Shoot some hoops

No, don’t literally shoot the basketball hoops that have appeared in Tilted Towers – although you can if you want, nothing much will happen. As with golf, you’ll need to equip the basketball item as an emote and then you can challenge your friends to a game of hoops. Or at least take turns trying to score. Some players have already started innovating around this theme, in one case building a 1400m tower next to the hoop and managing to sink a shot from the top. You won’t get that sort of action in the official NBA games.

Sun’s out, guns out, time for volleyball

Finally, why not just make your own fun with a beach ball, like you did when you were a little kid? As of yet, nobody has actually found a volleyball court in the newly shaken up map, but that hasn’t stopped players from having fun with the beach ball toy anyway, just bouncing it around. There’s a pool at the clubhouse in Lazy Links, so why not head there with some buddies, crank up some tunes and have a party? Just watch out for people trying to blow it up with a rocket. There is a small battle going on, you know…