FIFA 20 & The New FUT Experience

Returning with FIFA 20 is the popular FUT mode. Between gathering your favorite stars of the pitch and organizing your dream club, here’s what you need to know going in.

FIFA 20 & The New FUT Experience

It won’t be long before FIFA 20 is upon us and it is well past time to get ready to return to the digital pitch. Turtle Beach certainly has made its own moves recently, partnering with Manchester City and Belgian international midfielder star Kevin De Bruyne as an ambassador of TB on and off the field. That aside, a new year of FIFA means a fresh new FUT experience. The popular mode returns in FIFA 20, complete with a FUT 20 Companion App and plenty of fresh new features. Want to know what you need to get on the fast track to your ultimate team? We’ve got you covered.

The Broad Strokes of FUT 20

FIFA 20 & The New FUT Experience Big Changes

The way in which you interact on and off the pitch in FIFA 20 and FUT is taking big steps forward with customization, objectives, and more.

The team at EA has had their eyes on the major desires of fans all throughout FIFA 19. According to FUT Creative Director Tyler Blair, the goals going into FIFA 20 included addressing customization options, club goals throughout the season, and efforts to improve competitive and communicative options with friends to name a few.

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To that end, season objectives, FUT friendlies, squad management, transfer markets and the game’s companion app saw a slew of upgrades to make the FUT experience that much more appealing. In and out of the actual game (with the help of the FUT Companion App), you’ll be able to engage in all new ways with FIFA 20 in playing, competing, and trading up for your Ultimate Team.

FUT 20 Season Objectives

FIFA 20 & The New FUT Experience Objectives

Whether you’re busting out short bursts of gameplay or going for the long haul on seasonal objectives, FUT 20 will make sure you have plenty of milestones to chase.

It all starts at goals throughout your FUT 20 season in FIFA 20. The folks at EA took notice of players love for milestones and progress and upped it substantially for FUT 20. Season Objectives have returned, and this time they are joined by an expanded system of short and long-term goals throughout a FUT season.

Between daily, weekly, and seasonal objectives, players have a number of ways to collect rewards and experience for their club throughout the year. More than that, there are also going to be special timed Dynamic Objectives that will be tied in to various events. All of it is built towards keeping FUT 20 rewarding as you continue to play it and making sure you always have something to strive towards. As you finish objectives or level up, a host of players, customization content, and other lovely rewards will be on the line. We expect this will be something similar to the likes of Battle Pass level-up content in the likes of Apex Legends and other EA games.

FIFA 20 Introduces FUT Friendlies

FIFA 20 & The New FUT Experience FUT Friendlies

FUT Friendlies is bringing a lot of stress-free ways to pit your Ultimate Team against that of your friends, online and offline.

FUT Friendlies is one of the newest features to come to FIFA 20’s popular mode, and the goal behind it is to both give players a more carefree way to compete with friends online and off, and allow a stress-free way to try out new acquisitions. In FUT Friendlies, players can play with or without House Rules. The mode does not consume contracts or fitness and red cards and injuries do not go back into the regular FUT Seasonal play and modes.

What this all means is that players have a way to really play risk-free with their clubs and either try things out or put their squads up against friends to see who is really rocking the best club. It really is a solid addition to allow all the fun of your progress with your club without risking any of them in your regular FUT efforts towards greatness. After all, who doesn’t want to give new players or content a try when they get their hands on it and see where the puzzle pieces fit. FUT Friendlies also keeps track of stats so you can see how the games are going with players you go up against often.

FUT Friendlies also features a number of modes including 11v11 Classic. Mystery Ball gives the ball randomized effects such as boosting players or being worth multiple points per goal while Max Chemistry boosts all players on the pitch regardless of their position or squad links. These are just two of the several ways to engage and have fun with FUT Friendlies.

The Upgraded FUT 20 Companion App

FIFA 20 & The New FUT Experience Companion App

Trading players, setting Custom Tactics, completing Squad Building Challenges, and more are set to be easier than ever with the FUT 20 Companion App.

The FUT Companion App has been an extremely helpful tool in the past when it came to things like completing squad-building objectives without being able to be in front of a console. For FIFA 20, the new FUT 20 Companion App is built towards being able to do a lot more socially and individually with the game wherever you are.

Players will still be able to manage and trade through the app, but new to it are features like being able to create Custom Tactics to apply to your active squad. The customization options that you’ve unlocked are also entirely available to you on the app, meaning you can change up your Ultimate Team, its look, and your other customizable preferences on the fly. The FUT 20 Companion App was slated for September 19, 2019 and will be available on iOS and Android.

These are just a few of the new features coming to FUT 20 in FIFA 20. FIFA Ultimate Team has always been one of the most interesting ways to engage with the game and FUT 20 looks to deliver as much to any fan that loves managing their clubs to perfection. We’ll be looking forward to getting our squads up to snuff. Take notice that once the Companion App launches, you can start getting your Ultimate Team ready with Squad Building Challenges before the game even launches on September 24. Can you get your hands on the new Turtle Beach partner and #5 Overall Rated Kevin De Bruyne? Share with us!

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