Warframe Baro Ki’Teer Tracker: Location, Arrival Time, and Items (July 1)

The Void Trader

Warframe Baro Ki’Teer Tracker: Location, Arrival Time, and Items (July 1)

Baro Ki’Teer, also known as the Void Trader, is the Origin System’s most mysterious merchant and a Warframe vendor beloved by fans of the game. If you’re looking for a powerful new Mod to take your build to the next level or new Weapons to level up for extra Mastery, it’s worth a trip to see what exotic items Baro Ki’Teer is selling fresh from the Void.

However, if you wish to buy anything from the Void Trader, you’ll need a currency known as Ducats. This ancient Orokin currency can only be acquired by selling Prime Blueprints, Prime Weapon Parts, or Prime Warframe Components. Take your Blueprints to one of the special kiosks located in the Concourse area of the Relays, and you’ll be able to convert them directly into Ducats.

Once you’ve got your cash, it’s time to track down Baro Ki’Teer to see what he’s selling.

What time does Baro Ki’Teer arrive?

Unlike some videogame vendors, Baro Ki’Teer doesn’t sell his various rare artifacts and valuable items all the time. Likewise, unlike someone like Xur in Destiny, he doesn’t arrive every week with new stock to sell. Surprisingly, Baro Ki’Teer will only make an appearance in Warframe every two weeks.

Baro Ki’Teer will return to Warframe on July 1.

Baro Ki’Teer always arrives on a Friday, and normally at 2pm GMT across all platforms. When Baro Ki’Teer does eventually arrive, he’ll be found on the Concourse of various Tenno Relays, but only for 48 hours until he departs once again.

Active Baro Ki’Teer relays

When Baro Ki’Teer arrives he’s only available to visit in one location (Relays) – depending on your platform of choice – but there are numerous locations he could potentially arrive on. So here’s a look at the active relays which have a chance to be visited by Baro Ki’Teer.

Mercury Larunda 0
Venus Vesper 0
Earth Strata 0
Mars Maroo’s Bazaar 2
Saturn Kronia 4
Europa Leonov 4
Eris Kuiper 8
Pluto Orcus 8

Warframe Prime Items

What items is Baro Ki’Teer selling this week?

On June 17, The Void Trader resurfaced in the following locations:

  • Larunda Relay, Earth (PC)
  • Larunda Relay, Earth (PlayStation)
  • Vesper Relay, Earth (Xbox)
  • Strata Relay, Mercury (Nintendo Switch)

Below is a look at what Baro Ki’Teer was selling on June 17 for PC players.

Baro Ki’Teer Items On PC
Item Ducats Credits
Harpi Fighter Decoration
 100  100,000
Noggle Statue – Baro Ki’teer
 70  250,000
Primed Reach  300  220,000
Primed Expel Infested
 350  140,000
Primed Cleanse Corpus
 350  140,000
Prisma Jet Sentinel Wings
 300  200,000
Prisma Dual Cleavers
 490  200,000
10 x Ki’teer Fireworks
 50  100,000
Mark of the Beast
 300  115,000
Redeemer Elixis Skin
 325  250,000
Viper Wraith  400  75,000
Prisma Yamako Syandana
 400  250,000
Eos Prime Armor Set
 285  260,000
Axi V8 Relic  125  55,000
Eminence  220  220,000
Ki’teer Cornu Diadem
 525  375,000
Prisma Kubrow Glyph
 80  50,000
Lotus Ephemera  250  450,000
Deimos Carnis Prex
 75  100,000
Fass Floof  150  125,000
De Nas Pistol Skin  400  300,000
Sands of Inaros Blueprint  100  25,000

In addition, here’s a look at what items were available from Baro Ki’Teer on June 17 for those playing on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Baro Ki’Teer Items On PlayStation, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch
Items Ducats Credits
Class of Ten Zero Poster  90  120,000
Primed Fever Strike  350  200,000
Buzz Kill  375  150,000
Primed Flow  350  110,000
Left Eos Prime Shoulder Plates  50  75,000
Right Eos Prime Shoulder Plates  50  75,000
Eos Prime Chest Plate  125  75,000
Left Eos Prime Spurs  65  50,000
Right Eos Prime Spurs  65  50,000
Prisma Koi Sentinel Tail  200  200,000
Prisma Veritux  550  150,000
Baro Ki’teer Glyph  80  50,000
Primed Morphic Transformer  350  150,000
Scimitar Prisma Skin  210  450,000
Ki’teer Atmos Mask  500  400,000
Supra Vandal  500  275,000
Vulkar Wraith  450  300,000
Domus Syandana  600  400,000
Glaring Sigil  55  45,000
Primed Expel Corrupted  350  140,000
Puspa Luxxum Ornament  100  100,000
Dual Sword Lemnas Skin  350  300,000
Tannukai Longsword Skin  375  280,000
Sands of Inaros Blueprint  100  25,000
Fae Path Ephemera  15  1,000

That’s everything you need to know about Baro Ki’Teer. Make sure to come back every two weeks to find what he’s selling.