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VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System: Your Top Questions Answered

VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System: Your Top Questions Answered

We’ve received a tremendous amount of interest and support since announcing VelocityOne Flight at E3 2021. Now, we want to take some time to address the top questions from the community and provide some additional background into the VelocityOne team at Turtle Beach.

Below is a list of the 10 top questions we received, with answers provided by two of our team members behind VelocityOne Flight: VP of New Product Categories, Andrew Young, and Product Development Manager, Daniel Nuth. So, without further ado, onto the Q&A!

Who designed VelocityOne Flight?

Andrew Young: VelocityOne Flight was developed by an experienced team with more than 22 years of award-winning product development in the PC simulation category. We wanted to create a truly all-in-one, universal flight product that takes simulation to new levels of performance. We worked alongside pro-simulation enthusiasts as well as commercial & private pilots throughout the development to make sure we delivered a product that was realistic, and authentic for different aircrafts in flight sim.

What other products has the VelocityOne team developed?

AY: The VelocityOne team has extensive knowledge of the industry that extends back as far as the original X-36/45/52/56/Cyborg range of products and includes innovation and development right up to modern day simulation peripherals. The team’s enthusiasm for flight sim extends right to the top, with our CEO Juergen Stark, being a pilot and flight simulation enthusiast himself.

Will VelocityOne Flight work with other sim products on the market? Like rudders and additional instrument panels?

Daniel Nuth: Yes. VelocityOne Flight is a standard USB HID controller on PC, that uses the DirectInput protocol. It will work alongside other USB controllers on the market. However, assignment management will be important. For example, if you have another set of rudder pedals, you might want to remove the rudder and brake assignments from VelocityOne Flight first.

Can this be mounted on a gaming chair or a desk?

DN: There are three different mounting options for VelocityOne Flight that deal with different usage scenarios. There are two adjustable clamps integrated into the yoke base, four strips of micro-suction tape that can stick to any flat surface, and we also include six cockpit fixing screws with a screw hole template for implementation into an existing cockpit setup.

Will VelocityOne Flight be swappable between Xbox and PC?

DN: Yes – This is managed via an option on the Flight Management Display. Simply select Xbox or PC and the product will communicate correctly with the host system.

Can you push/pull the steering column, or can you only use the trim wheel for nose down/up?

DN: The push/pull of the yoke is used for the elevator control surface. This will control large adjustments to the nose up/nose down position. The trim wheel can then be used to make fine tweaks to the nose up/down position as required for hands-free level flight.

Is VelocityOne Flight USB powered? If so, USB-C or USB-A?

DN: It’s powered by a two meter USB-C to USB-A cable. The USB-A connects to the Xbox or PC.

Can the throttle controls be configured to both two and four engine aircraft?

DN: Yes, the throttle controls can be configured for both two and four engine aircraft.

Will VelocityOne Flight work with other flight games?

DN: Yes, VelocityOne Flight will work with other flight simulation games on the market compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S & Windows 10 PCs. Note, some of the functions may require additional user setup adjustments in other titles.

When will VelocityOne Flight be available for pre-order?

DN: Sign up for pre-order notification on the VelocityOne Flight page at