Tips For Surviving Outlast 2

Surviving Outlast 2 is extremely difficult, as everyone you meet is out to get you! There are crazed cultists trying to capture you, a mad woman trying to hunt you down and cut your… well… trying to remove some parts of your body. It’s an absolute nightmare to try and survive, but thankfully we’ve come up with a few handy tips to help you survive in Outlast 2.

Stick to the Dark

Be scared is part of the fun in Outlast 2.

Credit: Red Barrels Studio

One of the scariest things about Outlast 2 is the dark. However, it’s often one of the safest places to be. When you’re in the dark, the cultists and other baddies won’t be able to see you, unless of course they shine their flashlights or torches on you.

Whenever you can, try and stick to the shadows as this will often let you slip by undetected. Look for opportunities and places that are bathed in darkness as you move around, as you will inevitably be on the run and looking for somewhere to disappear. If you take the time to pick out spots before the trouble hits, you’ll be in good shape when the cultists come knocking.

Search for Traps

Outlast 2 has players solving a new mystery as Blake.

Credit: Red Barrels Studio

Keep an eye out for traps as you enter new locations. The areas are riddled with traps that will catch you off guard, damaging you, alerting nearby enemies, and just giving you a good ol’ scare. It’s best to avoid these traps if you plan on surviving your journey through Outlast 2.

As you slink into a new area, use your camera’s night vision mode to look around for anything that might look like a trap. A doorway that’s partially obstructed or a car at the top of a hill could be a giveaway that a trap is nearby. Once you’ve found what looks like a trap, be certain to put your camera away to save your battery!

Find Batteries

Search for batteries in Outlast 2

Credit: Red Barrels Studio

Taking the time to find batteries is one of the best tips you could use to survive longer in Outlast 2. Your camera runs off of batteries, and ho-boy does it love to chew through those little things. You’ll only just reach a new area and begin searching for traps when you’ll be alerted that your camera is running low on juice!

Always be searching for batteries, as being left high and dry without any will render your camera completely useless, which means no night vision mode and no sound tracking. These two mechanics are vital to your survival and avoidance of the crazy cultists. Without batteries, you won’t be able to see your enemies and you won’t be able to judge where they are. Thankfully, batteries emit a faint glow, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you crawl around in the dark.

Find Hiding Places

Find good places to hide from the cultists in Outlast 2

Credit: Red Barrels Studio

Another tip to help you survive in Outlast 2 is to search for hiding places, just make sure to remember where they are! Blake is completely incapable of fighting back, which means your only chance of survival is running and hiding. Contrary to the old saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide!” you can absolutely hide and you must do it swiftly and effectively.

Look for anything that might offer you a place of respite, whether it’s under a car, below a bed, in a locker, or just lying down in a cornfield. These hiding places will help you avoid patrolling enemies and the crazed woman who wants to slice and dice you.

Listen to Your Surroundings

Listen to your surroundings in Outlast 2

Credit: Red Barrels Studio

It’s going to be scary, but listening to your surroundings is one of the best strategies you can use to survive longer in Outlast 2. With a headset like the Elite 800X for Xbox One, with its built-in noise-cancelling and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound technology, you’ll be able to hear everything that’s happening around you.

When using the Elite 800X, a creaking floorboard or the scuffle of someone’s boots in the dirt will be crystal clear and you’ll know it’s time to hide and wait. Even when your camera is out of battery and you’re scurrying around looking for more, when you listen carefully, you’ll be able to track where cultists are moving and whether you’re safe to continue on.

Outlast 2 is incredibly scary, and surviving the many encounters with the cultists can be difficult if you’re not prepared. Next time you pick up your controller or grab your mouse and keyboard, remember the above tips to help you survive longer in Outlast 2.