Sony Shares A First-Look At The Playstation 5 User Interface

Sony Shares A First-Look At The Playstation 5 User Interface

As we inch ever closer to the launch of Playstation 5 on November 12th, Sony is slowly pulling back the curtain on more new features of the platform.  In their latest reveal, Sony gave players their first look at the completely redesigned user interface for the Playstation 5.  Not only does it include a bevy of new features, but it also makes moving around the system easier than ever before.

In an effort to streamline things, Sony has given players access to everything they could possibly need at the tap of a button.  The new Control Center feature brings up a bounty of information to help you find any options you might want.  You can see news stories for the game you’re playing, challenges for that game, a list of friends who are online and what they’re playing, plus much more.  The best part is, the Control Center can be brought up without even leaving the game you’re in.  Your game continues to run in the background as you scroll through to find the content you’re looking for.

Within the Control Center is another big game-changer on PS5.  Players will now have access to Activities cards available for games, which are there to ensure you know exactly what’s going on on your adventure.  Do you need a bit of help finding a hidden item?  An Activity card can give you a few pointers, or even share a video showing exactly what you need to do.  Only have a half hour to play?  Activity cards will tell you how long you’ll need to finish a challenge or complete a level.  This is all based on your own play data, as the PS5 learns your style and abilities the more you play.

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The Control Center also allows you to jump into an online game with your buddies without any hassle.  Just as there are cards for activities and hints, you can also see cards showcasing what your friends are playing.  If there’s a game you’re itching to get in on with a friend, you can scroll over to the card and click it to enter that game right away.  Then you can meet up with your friends for some playtime, get in on party chat, take a quick picture of the action, and more.  Playing with friends has been an important part of the Playstation ecosystem for years now, but Playstation 5 makes getting into the fun with your pals that much faster.

Finally, the main menu of the Playstation 5 has gotten an overhaul visually, but its offerings are very similar to what you see on the Playstation 4.  If you’re familiar with scrolling through various icons and tiles to pick your actions, you should be right at home on Playstation 5.  The extra features like Control Center are up-and-running from the get-go if you keep your system in sleep mode, along with when you make your way into a game.  If you’re starting the PS5 from an unpowered state, then you’ll be greeted with the main menu before moving into the other features.

The Playstation 5 user interface is a much-needed revamp of what was seen on Playstation 4.  There are all-new options, revised favorites, and even more secrets waiting for users to discover on launch day.  The Playstation 5 user interface gives players more control than they’ve ever had before, and that’s something we can all be excited about.

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