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Set Up and Max Out the STEALTH 350VR

How to setup and use the STEALTH 350VR

Virtual Reality is truly amazing tech — the stuff of cyber dreams not many years ago! The depth of immersion, the feeling of inhabiting an alternate reality, is something you can only experience yourself. Of course, it goes without saying that to sell the experience you need both hi-fidelity visuals and audio.

The Stealth 350VR is specifically built for use with the physical dimensions of current VR headsets. Which is to say, VR headsets are already big and clunky — no one wants to add additional heavy audio gear on top of that!  The revolutionary ergonomic design of the Stealth 350VR provides clearance for a VR headband while the smooth, fabric-wrapped memory foam ear cushions keep you comfy and cool. Battery-powered amplification creates an even more immersive experience, yet the headset remains light and feels great on your noggin.

Check out the video below to ensure you properly set up the STEALTH 350VR for optimal use: