Prey Tips

Surviving your time aboard the Talos I space station in Prey can be challenging, especially with how ferocious and sneaky the Typhon can be, with Phantoms stalking around and Mimics disguising themselves as random items (we’re looking at you, suspicious coffee mug). We’ve poured hours into Prey so far, and we’ve come up with a few tips we wished we’d known when we started. Below are our Prey tips!

Find Weapons

Find a shotgun or another weapon in Prey

Credit: Arkane Studios

Our first tip for Prey would be to spend time searching the Talos I Lobby for weapons. In the first few hours of the game you can find a whole variety of weapons that will help you fight – and avoid – the Typhon. Weapons like the GLOO Cannon, Shotgun, Silenced Pistol, and Disruptor Stun Gun can be collected all within the space of an hour.

When you first get the GLOO Cannon, we suggest making a series of steps to the balcony above where you get your first Neuromod, it’s here you’ll find the stun gun. It’s not super useful on the Typhon, but it’s better than nothing.

For players looking for a shotgun in Prey, look for the Security room on the bottom level of the Lobby. You’ll need to use some clever climbing and the yellow pipes to sneak in. If you make it inside, you’ll be rewarded with a shotgun and a whole lot of shells!

Finally, you can get yourself a Silenced Pistol once you make your way to your office at the top of the Talos I Lobby. Be careful, because ammo for all the weapons are hard to come by, unless you find the ammo plans.

First Safe Code

The code to the first safe in Prey

Credit: Arkane Studios

Here’s probably one of the best Prey tips we can give you. The code to the safe you come across at the start of Prey (in the Simulation Labs) is 5150. You’ll probably see the dry erase whiteboard where the safe code was scrawled down but erased. Unless you’ve got some uncanny luck, you probably won’t be able to guess the code.

The answer to finding the code is a bit devious. You must make your way to Morgan’s office in the Talos I Lobby. As you’re watching a video recording, look to the very left and you’ll see the board in the background, but with the safe code clearly visible!

Listen to Your Surroundings

Listen to your surroundings in Prey

Credit: Arkane Studios

One tip for Prey that we absolutely have to mention is to always listen to your surroundings. Every sound, whether it’s the groan of Talos I or the atmospheric music, tells you what’s going on. If you have the Turtle Beach XO SEVEN Pro, with its Superhuman Hearing capability, you’ll be able to accurately locate the Typhon around you before you see them. This makes sneaking up on the Phantoms and delivering a sneak attack super easy.

The Typhon chitter and chatter as they move around, and when Morgan spots one or thinks one is nearby, the music changes and Morgan’s heartrate increases. Using a pair of Elite Pro’s with the Tactical Audio Controller offers excellent directional audio, which makes areas such as the zero-gravity tunnel far easier to handle – a place where there can be enemies in all directions!

Search Bodies

Search bodies in Prey for keycards and Neuromods

Credit: Arkane Studios

Another Prey tip would be to search all the bodies you come across, human and Typhon. A lot of the time, bodies have medkits and items you can use in a Recycling machine. These items are useful if you want to make equipment and tools from scratch. You’ll need a lot of resources to build ammo.

Bodies also have keycards and TranScribe recorders on them. These pieces of equipment are vital if you want to access all the rooms and workstations around Talos I. Almost every workstation and door needs a key to be unlocked, and without searching bodies you won’t be able to explore everywhere.

Upgrade Storage First

Upgrade Suit Storage first to hold more items in Prey

Credit: Arkane Studios

When you first start Prey, the amount of gear you can carry will be severely limited, meaning you’ll find yourself filling up your inventory in no time. This leads to several trips back and forth from your office to a new area, filling up your suit and often becoming frustrated.

Instead of unlocking some of the sexier Neuromods like Hacking or Leverage, consider upgrading the Suit Modification Neuromod in the Engineer skill tree. This increases how much you can keep in your pockets, which means less frustration and more room for guns and ammo.

You’ll find heaps of Neuromods as you explore Talos I, so don’t worry that you’ll miss out on upgrading something like Combat Focus.

Pick Up Junk and Recycle It

Explore everywhere and pick up all the junk you find

Credit: Arkane Studios

As we said in our previous Prey tip, collecting junk is crucial if you want to create your own ammo and gear. While it will fill up your suit storage quickly, collecting these bits and pieces will let you create shotgun shells and medkits easily and whenever you want!

There’s nothing more frustrating that entering a new area, having to fight some Phantoms and discovering you don’t have enough ammo, then going back and finding you don’t have enough material to make more! It’s better to collect junk while you wander around and always have a stock of resources on you.

Sneak Around A Lot

Sneaking up on enemies lets you deal more damage in Prey

Credit: Arkane Studios

While it can be fun to go in guns blazing in Prey, one of the most important tips we could give you is to sneak as often as possible. This doesn’t mean you should sneak whenever nothing is near you, but if you see an enemy in the distance, hunker down and try to get close. The closer you can get, the more damage your shotgun will do, and you might just knock the enemy over.

Alternatively, you can use crouch to sneak past enemies that could give you far too much trouble. Any time you get startled by a Phantom and don’t want to fight them, hide in a room for a bit and then go out and sneak. You’ll find you can easily avoid their focus while you collect everything around them.

Prey is shaping up to be an absolute blast, and we cannot wait to uncover what actually happened aboard Talos I. Hopefully you found our Prey tips helpful – let us know what tips you have!