‘Msdossary’ Dominates FIFA eWorld Cup

The FUT Champ himself has claimed another victory!

The ultimate FIFA event has come to a dramatic conclusion with Msdossary claiming victory over StefanoPinna at the FIFA eWorld Cup grand finals in London. The weekend was full of goals, saves, and moments of pure joy as the best players from all over the world descended on the city to fight for their share of the $400,000 prize pool.

After being eliminated from the FIFA eWorld Cup Amsterdam event, Msdossary came back with a fighting spirit, looking to recapture the success he had at FUT Champions Cup in Manchester. Group stages started out well for Msdossary who, out of the seven matches played, managed to win an incredible 6 games. The only other players who also managed to net this many wins were kurt0411 on Xbox One and Nicolas99FC on PlayStation 4. StefanoPinna managed to win 5 of his matches, with the other two coming down to a draw.

Man City and Turtle Beach at the FIFA eWorld Cup

Of the 32 players who qualified as finalists for the eWorld Cup, only 16 earned enough victories to progress onto the quarterfinals. These brackets were it, no more winning and losing games to figure out positions, any losses here meant they were out of the competition while a victory meant the player was one step closer to securing their share of the $400,000 prize pool.

For nicolas99fc, the quarterfinals started off with a stellar victory against TheStrxanger, with nicolas99fc scoring 5 goals against TheStrxnger’s 2. Unfortunately, the grand finals came to a close for nicolas99fc in the semifinals when Marcuzo netted 3 goals against his 2. It was a close game, but close games don’t get you to the grand finals.

On the Xbox One side of the fence, kurt0411 had an absolute belter of a bracket run. For kurt0411, the quarterfinals started with a game against GoalMachine21, and with the number of goals they scored, their moniker is fitting – but it wasn’t enough. Though GoalMachine21 scored 7 goals, kurt0411 claimed 9. Semifinals saw kurt0411 faced off against Gorilla, and after scoring 4 goals, the match was over with Gorilla only scoring 2.

But the streak wouldn’t last forever as kurt0411 came up against MsDossary in the finals. MsDossary blitzed his way through the quarter- and semi-finals. The first match was against Presende7, with MsDossary only letting one goal slip through his own net while he was able to claim 5 goals against his opponent. The semifinals had MsDossary compete against Megabit, and after an intense match of goal swapping, MsDossary pulled ahead, earning his next victory 9-4. Kurt0411’s match against MsDossary was much the same – both players fought valiantly, but it was MsDossary and his 8 goals that saw kurt0411 eliminated from the FIFA eWorld Cup.

As for Stefano Pinna, his run through the PlayStation 4 brackets was almost as legendary as MsDossary’s run through the Xbox One players. Stefano Pinna’s first game saw Agge taste defeat as Pinna secured 8 goals to Agge’s 4. The semifinals were a close call for Stefano Pinna as he came up against MoAubameyang. The match was a nail-biter, with both players trading goals, but it was Stefano Pinna who edged it over the line with 6 goals against MoAubameyang’s 5.

The finals saw another close match for Stefano Pinna as Marcuzo put up an intense fight. Much like the match before, the finals had spectators on the edge of their seats as players swapped goals. For every goal saved, another slipped by. In the end, Stefano Pinna sealed the deal with his 4 goals.

Viewers and players alike had been waiting for the grand finals, and it was finally here. Stefano Pinna and MsDossary squared off against one another for the PlayStation 4 round. Despite MsDossary preferring Xbox One, he managed to hold off Stefano Pinna for the win, 2-0. The second game was to be played on Xbox One, and since MsDossary already earned the PS4 victory, the odds were stacked in his favour. Like a pulse-pounding case of déjà vu, MsDossary took the Xbox One round 2-0, securing the win and claiming victory at the FIFA eWorld Cup. With trophy in hand, and the lion’s share of the prize pool in his pocket, the sky is the limit for MsDossary!