Make Money Quick In Cyberpunk 2077

Eddies rule everything around me.

Make Money Quick In Cyberpunk 2077

Much like real life, money makes the world of Cyberpunk 2077 go round. You’re going to need some deep pockets to pick up the goodies you want, be it a fancy new outfit, kick-ass weapon, or seriously impressive ride.  You can also use money to get out of some sticky situations or even grease a few palms.  Cash in Night City is called Eurodollars, or eddies, and you’d be smart to keep your wallet loaded with as much as you can fit.

Now, you’ll definitely make a few eurobucks as you play through the storyline of Cyberpunk 2077, but sometimes you’ll want or need a little more cash than what the standard jobs and gigs dish out.  Thankfully, there’s a few different ways to make a quick eddies as you travel through Night City. All of them require a bit of virtual legwork, but the extra steps will have you rolling in the dough before you know it.

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Kirk lounges in his booth at the Coyote Coyo bar, Night City.

Kirk sucks, but money is pretty cool. Your call.

Side Hustle

The main path through Cyberpunk 2077 gives you plenty to do, but there’s a whole different world to explore just beneath the surface.  If you want to amass eddies fast, you can dive deep into Night City and partake in some of its many side gigs.

There are plenty of people scattered throughout Night City that need something done. They might be the local fixer, or even a regular citizen without the skill or power to solve their problems. Either way, you certainly do.  Open up your map and sort by Jobs in the legend to see what’s available, as there should be a wide range of opportunities to pick from. They’re all the non-story mission related yellow icons, such as question marks, briefcases, and faces.  You can take things further by simply walking around the various streets of Night City, as some jobs won’t open up until you’re in their vicinity.  Between those two options, your mini-map should be inundated with opportunities to pull in some serious eddies.

V's Quadra Type-R V-Tech speeds down a Night City street.

You get the Quadra Type-R V-Tech for free as a reward for “Gig: Life’s Work.” Not all rides come gratis, though.

Crime Fighter

Want to make Night City a safer place for all of its denizens?  Why not by a choomba and help out the long arm of the law by tackling some crimes in progress?  The Night City Police Department isn’t as robust as you’d think, and sometimes their motives are less than admirable.  When Johnny Law can’t get the job done, it’s your turn to stomp out the bad guys and earn some eddies while you’re at it.

Blue icons like machetes, skulls, and badges on your map will show you various crimes taking place in Night City.  You’ll stumble upon different types of crimes, and some might be more involved than others.  You could happen upon a street gang causing some trouble for the locals, or bigtime players pulling the strings behind the scenes.  No matter what crime you set out to stop, you’ll come away with a handsome reward when it’s said and done.  The tougher the crime, the better the payout.

V with Mantis Blades out faces down a heavily chipped enemy on a neon billboard ledge.

Come across a tough, kitted out enemy like a Cyberpsycho? Loot them!

Looter Shooter

It’s easy to get over-encumbered in Cyberpunk 2077 because there’s just so much stuff to pick up.  Everything from high-end guns to literal pieces of garbage litter the street.  While at first glance some items are certainly more valuable than others, everything has potential profit.  If you’re willing to go through the work, you can even turn all of your trash into treasure.

No matter where you are or what you do, make sure to comb through everything in the area.  If there’s a dead body, search it to find all the goodies it’s hiding.  Rummage through desk drawers, cabinets, garbage cans, and everything else. Dig into every nook and cranny to see what’s hiding. Use your scanner, too, as it will highlight loot-filled containers and can even give you a sneak peak of the highest quality item inside. There are plenty of vendors who’ll take your findings, and sometimes for a sizable amount of eddies.  Spend a few hours searching out items and then cashing them in, and you’ll very quickly amass a small fortune.

V grips her pistol as she stealthily keeps her back to the wall

Tons of alleys in Night City, and an overwhelming majority of them are filled with trash. Why not check it out?

Hone Your Craft

Want to take all those items you’ve just found and make even more money off of them? Sure, you could cash in anything at a moment’s notice and make some quick bank, but there’s a way to upgrade select pieces and get way more bang for your eurobuck as well.  All you have to do is spend some time in the crafting menu.

It’s possible to upgrade numerous guns and items that you come across, and even craft new ones.  This is obviously important if you’re planning to hit the enemies as hard as you can, but it’s also good for making cash.  Break down some of the items in your inventory for scrap parts, and then use those to upgrade other pieces in your collection or craft new ones.  You can easily turn a ho-hum gun into something worth 10 times its value. With the right parts and base items – and perks, you’ll be surprised just how much of a profit you can turn from crafting.

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