Knicks Gaming And Turtle Beach Team Up

Knicks Gaming team up with Turtle Beach for NBA 2K League.


The NBA 2K League is the new hot thing in esports – as the leading worldwide gaming audio brand, Turtle Beach is prepared to join the action and help dominate the competition. Today, Turtle Beach is incredibly excited to announce our newest partnership with Knicks Gaming. “We’re thrilled to be an integral part of the Knicks Gaming organization during the founding year of the NBA 2K League ,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “Our headsets deliver a distinct competitive advantage through pinpoint accurate audio and clear team chat. Having the Knicks Gaming players using Turtle Beach audio equipment to train with and then dominate in their games will be a joy to watch.”

The First ever NBA 2K draft took place April 4, 2018 with Knicks Gaming selecting 9th overall and welcoming Dayvon “GOOFY757” Currt as the first ever member of the Knicks Gaming organization. League play begins with the tip-off tournament May 1-5 and runs through August 2018. NBA 2k players need every advantage possible to dominate the competition, and powerful game audio tuned for esports and crystal-clear team chat are crucial to securing victory.

“Turtle Beach gaming peripherals are unmatched in their ability to provide a clear advantage for our players, which make Turtle Beach the perfect partner for Knicks Gaming,” said Kristin Bernert, general manager, Knicks Gaming. Knicks Gaming players will use Turtle Beach’s flagship Elite Pro gaming headsets in all practices and streaming sessions.



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