Halo Infinite: Weapons We’re Most Excited For

Halo Infinite: Weapons We’re Most Excited For

The Halo Infinite technical tests have begun, giving us a glimpse into the pool of weaponry we’ll be getting our hands on with the full release this December. Partnering Halo’s signature movement with some truly epic sci-fi weapons, Infinite will undoubtedly be a blast. 

With a never-expiring battle pass system and plenty of ways to customize your gear, you’ll be getting mighty familiar with the arsenal that developer 343 Industries has prepared. Here are some of the weapons we’re most excited for in Halo Infinite. 

MA40 Assault Rifle

Halo Infinite Weapons We're Most Excited For

It may not be the flashiest weapon out there, but the MA40 is immensely satisfying in Halo Infinite.

Understandably, this may furrow a few brows. The MA40 is one of the most basic weapons in the game, and it has featured in every Halo since Combat Evolved. But make no mistake, this classic is a blast to use. With the aim feature brought over from Halo 5 Guardians, players can rattle away at those health bars. This weapon does particularly well at mid-range but can still chip away at enemies from both long and close range too.

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For returning Halo fans, it’ll be nice to get a sense of how the gun is controlling compared to previous entries. We reckon this will also be a top-pick for many newcomers to the franchise. Halo Infinite features a longer time-to-kill, and as a result the MA40’s 36-round mag is going to make it a popular choice. There is a reason that it’s Master Chief’s weapon of choice, after all. 

CQS48 Bulldog

Halo Infinite Weapons We're Most Excited For

A shotgun is great, but a shotgun with a grappling hook? Pure joy.

The CQS48 Bulldog is the meaty shotgun of Infinite’s arsenal. And really, who doesn’t love a good shotgun? Our excitement here stems from the new grappling system — swinging around the various maps like Spider-Man is a genuine delight. Follow up a swing with a swift shotgun kill, and you’re laughing. Using the grapple to get in close already proved to be a fantastic tactic in the technical preview, but with a Bulldog, it’s a match made in heaven. 


Halo Infinite Weapons We're Most Excited For

It may be designed to take down vehicles, but we’ll mainly be aiming the Skewer at other Spartans.

This behemoth of a weapon is Halo Infinite’s answer to pesky vehicles. It fires a deadly projectile that will pierce the armour of any vehicle it hits, meaning this will be a delight to wield in Big Team Battles. But while the Skewer is designed to take out enemy vehicles, the real fun comes when you set your sights on other players. 

The Skewer looks to be a bulky weapon, so it may not always be the most practical pick. But are there many better feelings than pinning another Spartan to a wall from afar? We’re not convinced.


Halo Infinite Weapons We're Most Excited For

Like trick shots? The Heatwave is the weapon for you.

The Heatwave is shaping up to be the go-to weapon for players that don’t want to run into the line of fire. This weapon fires blasts that can bounce off surfaces, meaning you can deal damage around corners.  

Don’t let that stop you from taking the direct approach, though. The Heatwave can be fired both in vertical and horizontal mode, meaning you can align your shots for singular or groups of targets. 

Energy Sword

Halo Infinite Weapons We're Most Excited For

Halo wouldn’t be Halo without an Energy Sword.

The Energy Sword is about as iconic as Master Chief himself, and thankfully, it will also return with Halo Infinite. Thanks to an emphasis on movement in Infinite — along with the aforementioned grappling mechanic — the Energy Sword could be delivering some one-hit wonders all over Infinite’s new maps. 

From the maps we have seen already in the previews, there are plenty of chokepoints that compliment the Energy Sword. Recharge, for example, is made up almost entirely of tight corridors, so we reckon you had better get used to seeing Energy Swords there at the very least.

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In the cat and mouse game between two assassins, weapons are inevitably an important part of the gameplay and the right choice of firearm can make all the difference between a final winning flourish or ending up face down on the streets of Updaam.

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