PGL Major Kraków Recap

It was a weekend full of excitement as a major CS:GO event went down from July 21st through the 23rd: PGL Major Kraków.

Across the pond at PGL Major Kraków, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was in full swing with the best of the best fighting to claim first prize. Straight out of the gate, Astralis made themselves known as they took on SK Gaming and beat down the renowned team 2-0.

This moved Astralis onto the next bracket and the Semi-Finals where they faced Gambit Esports. The first game went to Gambit Esports despite the raw skill on display by Astralis. Not willing to hand over the Semi-Finals, Astralis took the second game, bringing the match to a draw with everything hanging in the balance. Unfortunately for Astralis, the final game was won by Gambit Esports, who moved onto the Grand Finals to claim victory against Immortals.

Astralis have recently released a video showcasing their efforts at the event. Check it out below: