Dr Disrespect Easter Egg Discovered In Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Dr Disrespect Easter Egg Discovered In Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Most gamers have heard of Dr Disrespect, the renowned streamer known for speed, momentum, and unstoppable gaming athleticism. But for those unaware, before he became the two-time champ was a game developer working on various Call of Duty games like Advanced Warfare and also Modern Warfare 3 at Sledgehammer Games.

As you can imagine, the Dr went by his real name – Guy Beahm – when working at the studio, and now fans have discovered the most incredible easter egg from the Modern Warfare 3 campaign released over 10 years ago.

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During a playthrough of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, ModernWarzone discovered a room littered with books that have Doc’s infamous logo emblazoned on the cover.

On top of that, the books also have ‘Guy Beahm’ as the title of the book and it’s surprising players didn’t pick up on this before. Take a look on the below clip.

Honestly, we think it’s incredible that it’s taken this long for fans to discover the Doc easter egg. Just think how many more easter eggs could be hidden across Call of Duty campaigns and multiplayer maps over the years.

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