How to get Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight

How to get Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight

Although the majority of Dead by Daylight is about the grind of earning Bloodpoints to unlock the bloodweb for survivors and killers, there are also ample cosmetic outfits available for players too, allowing every player to customise their own look to their heart’s content.

Cosmetic sets can be bought in the outfit section of a character’s in-game store and consist of groups of 2-3 cosmetic pieces linked together to create a brand new outfit. However, away from the cosmetics you can buy in-game, there’s also a very exclusive cosmetic set available to Survivors and Killers that can only be earned. The elusive bloody clothes in Dead by Daylight. Keep reading and we’ll explain how to get them.

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What Are Bloody Clothes In Dead By Daylight?

Whilst playing Dead By Daylight you may have spotted certain Survivors and Killers wearing their default outfits, only, the outfits don’t look quite the same, as the default outfit has a bloodied pattern to it.

This is sort of ironic since, survivors never actually bleed in the game, despite being smacked, slashed and torn to shreds by a whole host of killers. But the thing is, these clothes don’t have any actual benefit in-game. It’s just a cosmetic benefit for those who want to look cool.

How To Get Bloody Clothes In Dead by Daylight

To get Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight players will need to Prestige their character’s Bloodweb. This means getting enough Bloodpoints to level your survivor or killer to level 50 and then pressing the red icon in the middle of the Bloodweb.

Holding down the button will Prestige your character. Each time you do this you’ll earn one piece of the set. Be warned though, this obviously has drawbacks. Increasing your Bloodweb prestige level has the following effects:

  • Reset the progress of this character to level 1.
  • Unlock a prestige reward for this character.
  • Lost all items add-ons, perks & offerings for this character.
  • Slightly increases the odds of getting better items on the Bloodweb.
  • Teachable perks will stay available to all other characters.

Ultimately players will need to Prestige each Survivor or Killer three times to unlock the complete Bloody Clothes cosmetic set piece.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get bloody clothes in Dead By Daylight. However, if you’re looking for more DBD guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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