Gaming Headsets

Announcing the Turtle Beach Recon Chat Headset

We’re excited to announce our latest headset, the Recon Chat! This little piece of technology is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade from their standard Xbox One Headset packed in the box, or in the case of the PlayStation 4, no headset at all!

The Recon Chat allows new gamers to experience online communication (a crucial tool in multiplayer games) without the large price tag of some other headsets. The Recon Chat might be low when it comes to price, but it’s big on innovative features.

Unlike other headsets of a similar price, the Recon Chat is lightweight and reversible, ideal for swapping ears and remaining comfortable during long gaming hours. Not only that, but we’ve packed 40mm speakers into this little beauty!

And glasses wearers out there, we feel your pain – on the side of the head just above the ear, right? – well not anymore, thanks to Turtle Beach’s glasses-friendly design. This allows you to keep your vision honed without sacrificing your comfort. Plus, the ear-cups use open-ear technology, meaning you can still hear your game, music, and movies from your TV’s speakers through the chatter.

With all the controls at your fingers on an in-line board, you’ll be able to adjust the chat volume and mute your microphone with ease. Plus, the Recon Chat uses a 3.5mm jack, meaning you can use it on your mobile or tablet devices.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the standard Xbox One headset, leveling up from having no headset, or maybe want to venture into Turtle Beach products, the Recon Chat is what you need to smash your gaming goals. Preorder your Recon Chat headset now to get yours in mid-April if you’re in the UK or select EU territories or mid-May in the United States: