3 Reasons Why Setting Up Your VelocityOne Is Easy

3 Reasons Why Setting Up Your VelocityOne Is Easy

The VelocityOne is designed to be plug-and-play, then set up in less than 5 minutes. We’ll cover why our flight sim community loves the compact yoke and throttle quadrant, how to use the integrated clamp system, and talk about everything included in the box that you need to get up and running, no extra tools are required! Let’s dive right in.

If you’ve ever spent half an hour converting your home cockpit back into a desk, or just wanted a casual evening flight without the faff of hooking up 5 separate pieces of kit, don’t worry, we have as well. That’s why we made it as simple as possible to store away the VelocityOne Flight. It’s a modular unit, consisting of a yoke, and a detachable throttle quadrant. This makes the disassembled system small and easy to store (and easy to hide away from the other members of your household!)

Clamp system
The integrated clamp system means that you can easily attach it to any regular computer desk, table, or other surfaces, up to 6.5 cm thick. The clamps screw flush into the base and are almost invisible, which makes it perfect for flat-mounted setups as well. The VelocityOne Flight has two additional securing options – the supplied vacuum tape for a more permanent fix without needing clamps, or the screw holes on the underside, which are standard sizes for flight stands. This means whether you’re on the sofa, at your desk, or even on the kitchen counter, there’s no awkwardly large plastic plate left when you remove the VelocityOne Flight – it’s a one-step process.

Everything you need included

The VelocityOne Flight comes with a detachable lid on the yoke, under which you’ll find a neatly hidden Allen wrench and also the two bolts to adjust the inbuilt clamping system. There are also strips of vacuum tape supplied in the package, which are designed to stick the VelocityOne Flight down more permanently. They’re also designed to leave no residue afterward! In addition, there are a number of standard-size screws included to attach to a flight stand or custom setup, and the blueprints of these measurements can be found on our Discord.

Some users have taken things one step further and 3-D printed their own replacement for the lid on top of the yoke, creating all sorts of added features, such as an iPad stand, or radio stack station.

Bonus content: Here’s a link to the Getting Started video on our Youtube channel to help you get up and running.
Now we’d like to hear from you – do you convert your home cockpit back to a work-from-home desk after your flights? Or maybe pack your VelocityOne Flight into your suitcase to take on holiday with you? Let us know your stories on Twitter.