10 Things You Should Know Before You Set Sail in Sea of Thieves

Get ready to live your pirate dreams on the vast oceans of Sea of Thieves.

It’s time to put on your best pirate voice because Sea of Thieves has sailed into port. Rare’s latest title has made its way onto Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, and intrepid explorers all over the world are preparing their crews for adventure. Over the course of a handful of betas, and the full game, we’ve come to know this world inside and out, so before you dive in, here are 10 things you should know before you set sail in Sea of Thieves!

Getting Started

Your first time booting up Sea of Thieves will be a special experience. Before you can dive into the vast ocean, you’re going to need to pick a pirate. There are no standard character customizations at the start of the game, instead, Rare has opted for a pirate randomizer. If you like the look of a pirate, mark it as a favorite and randomize the pirates again. Keep doing this until you have a nice collection of pirates, and pick whichever one you like! Don’t worry about their clothing, because that can be changed later.

Pirate Crew

Just like real life, Sea of Thieves is better experienced with friends. While you can play as a solo adventurer in a little sloop, you’re going to have better luck on your voyages if you have a crew to help you. Thankfully, in the event you’re having trouble rounding up some real-life pirates, there are options in-game that help you team up with some other solo-players. Simply select whether you want to play on a sloop or a massive galleon and Sea of Thieves will do the rest of the work for you.

How to Sail

Now that you’ve made it into Sea of Thieves, you’re going to need to know how to sail. Sailing in Sea of Thieves is a pure form of joy. You’ll find yourself standing on the bow of the ship, watching the horizon dip and rise as your vessel cruises smoothly over the ocean, and it will just feel right. As for actually sailing, there are a few main things to remember: sail length, sail angle, the anchor, and whoever is steering at the helm.

You’re going to need to raise the anchor before you can begin moving, so grab on to it and start pushing. With the anchor raised, lower the sails and make sure someone is steering the boat. What separates a good sailor from a great pirate is their ability to angle the sails. Look how the wind is blowing, and then use the toggle on the side of the boat to angle the sails to catch the wind. With the sails at full billow, you’ll be travelling as fast as possible.

Ship-to-Ship Combat

ShipStanding with your feet on the ship, it’s an exciting moment made more exhilarating when you encounter a hostile party of pirates. This is where knowing how to attack another ship will save your booty. The cannons on the side of your boat aren’t just for shooting yourself onto an island; load it up with a cannonball, aim at the enemy ship below the waterline, and fire! A direct hit below the water will have water pouring into their lower decks. Keep up the attack, peppering their hull with everything you’ve got.

If you’re having trouble getting a good angle, consider raising some of the angles to help you make a tighter turn, even dropping the anchor can let you make a sweet handbrake maneuver. And if your own vessel is riddled with holes, start boarding them up and bailing out the water!

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Gettin’ Gold

Aside from chilling out on the deck, catching the wind, and attacking other pirates, you’re going to want to start earning gold. Sure, you can plunder some chests from other vessels, but it might take a while and they might not have much – you’re better off setting out on your own voyage. Visit any outpost and speak with the vendors, a few of them might offer up a quest. The Merchant Alliance are all about making deliveries in a timely fashion, the Gold Hoarders want chests and shiny objects, while the Order of Souls want the skulls of powerful skeleton captains.

Pirate Swag

With a purse full of gold, you’ll want to make your pirate look bold! One of the main draws for Sea of Thieves is the ability to customize your pirate with various items. Are you the sort of pirate who likes an admiral hat or do you want to look a bit like a salty seadog? How about your coat, would you prefer all-black attire or perhaps something a bit more ostentatious? No matter how you choose to look, Sea of Thieves will have the gear to make your pirate truly unique.

Sea of Thieves beta impressions.Read More: Sea of Thieves Beta Impressions

The latest Sea of Thieves beta, in the guise of a stress test, sailed off into the sunset last weekend to find calmer seas, more enemies to hunt, and greater treasure to plunder. There’s a lot to love about Rare’s pirate title, but if you’re still on the fence about boarding the Sea of Thieves vessel, our impressions of the beta might change your tune!…

Xbox Game Pass

Sea of Thieves beta impressions.For those not in the know, Microsoft has recently launched its own Netflix-style service called Xbox Game Pass. For the low price of $9.99 a month, you can gain access to hundreds of games as part of a rotating catalogue, but more importantly, this month Sea of Thieves is on the menu! If you’re looking to just try out Rare’s brilliant pirate game, you can sign up to Xbox Game Pass and give it a go. If you fall in love with the ocean (which is bound to happen), you can pick it up and continue your adventure whenever you please.

Play Anywhere

Following that note of playing Sea of Thieves, it’s one of the many Play Anywhere tiles that Microsoft offers both its Xbox One users and Windows 10 PC players. By simply owning the digital version of the game, you can play it on one system and then shift to another and pick up right where you left off. Furthermore, it’s completely cross-platform compatible! Players on Xbox One can play with PC players – no more barriers!

Enjoy the World

Finally, the last thing you need to know about Sea of Thieves is the magical world that Rare has crafted. The water-logged world of Sea of Thieves is beyond stunning, every sunset will catch your eye and the water ranges from crystal clear lagoons to murky storm water. And then there is the variety of sounds you’ll hear. With a headset like the Stealth 700, you’ll be completely and utterly immersed in your pirate adventure. The Xbox One’s Windows Sonic feature will amplify the world, while Superhuman Hearing will inform you of any sneaky skeletons. But nothing can top standing on your ship as it cuts through the ocean, listening to the sound of waves crashing against your hull. The whole world feels alive in Sea of Thieves.

Enough lollygagging! It’s time to get our feet wet and set sail once again. If you see a crew of pirates standing on the front of their ship playing instruments, it might just be us. Let’s raise anchor and cast off, because it’s time for more Sea of Thieves.