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Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date (December 2023)

Escape From Tarkov is the hardcore extraction shooter that fits a perfect niche within the gaming community, and fans have adored the title for quite some time now.

One of the main mechanics of the game is the usual wipes, where players lose everything on the map and have to reset from the start.

We’re going to run over when the December 2023 Tarkov wipe is going to be.

Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date (December 2023)

Tarkov typically has its wipe every six months or so, with the last one occurring back in August, 2023; so at first glance it appears to be a bit early for a brand new Tarkov wipe, this time it is a special circumstance.

Players have long awaited the arrival of EFT’s deathmatch mode, and they’ve been testing the mode throughout the year, and fans have specualted that the next wipe is when they’re finally going to add it.

Furthermore, BattleState Games released a roadmap last time they wiped Tarkov, indicating that the new wipe is indeed occurring in December 2023.

While we know it is coming next month for sure, we aren’t to sure into when exactly this is going to occur, so we’ll keep you posted in the mean time.