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Escape From Tarkov Ground Zero Map: Full Details, Trailer and More

Escape From Tarkov is the hardcore extraction shooter that fits a perfect niche within the gaming community, and fans have adored the title for quite some time now.

One of the game’s main mechanics is the usual wipes, and the December 2023 wipe has occurred, meaning the brand new map, Ground Zero is here.

Here’s all the details we know about the new map.

Escape From Tarkov Ground Zero Map: Full Details, Trailer and More

Tarkov typically has its wipe every six months or so, with the last one occurring back in August, 2023; so at first glance, it appears to be a bit early for a brand new Tarkov wipe, this time it is a special circumstance.

Players have long awaited the arrival of the brand new map, and it’s going to go hand in hand with the Streets of Tarkov map, they’ve posted the trailer for it below.

In terms of what Battle State Games has had to say regarding the new map, we have this listed below.

Ground Zero

The Ground Zero location, situated in the city center of Tarkov, has been added to the game.

Location features a large number of infrastructure facilities of the modern city: banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and so on. All this is towered by the skyscrapers of Tarkov. In the very center of the location is the main Russian branch office of TerraGroup, where the original conflict began. The most violent clashes between USEC PMC operatives and OMON took place on the facility’s premises.

  • The location is intended for beginner players from level 1 to 20;
  • PMCs of higher levels (20+) will not be able to access the location;
  • Scavs will have access to the location at any player level;
  • New starter quests have been added to the location;
  • Visual cues for new players have been added to the location;
  • Quests “Debut”, “Checking” (renamed to “Background Check”), “Shortage”, “Supplier”, “Gunsmith – Part 1” received updated text descriptions.

Ground Zero Exits

Escape From Tarkov has detailed some of the exits, along with a handy image courtesy of escapefromtarkov.fandom that details where some of the extracts are going to be.

  • Police Checkpoint
    • PMC
  • Emercon Checkpoint
    • PMC
  • Mira Prospect
    • PMC
  • Scav Checkpoint (Co-Op)
    • PMC and Scav

We aren’t quite sure about the other extracts for the time being, and we’re sure we’re going to learn more as the wipe progresses forward.