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Escape From Tarkov: Day versus Night Raids Explained

Escape From Tarkov is the hardcore extraction shooter that fits a perfect niche within the gaming community, and fans have adored the title for quite some time now.

With a brand new wipe in store for players, we’re going to run over one of the main aspects players will have to get used to each wipe is the day and night cycle.

We’re going to explain it below.

Escape From Tarkov: Day versus Night Raids Explained

Tarkov is a title that is filled with nuance mechanics for players to dive into; whether it’s the different types of ammo needed for certain weapons, or the filling of magazines before heading into a gun fight, there’s a lot to take in.

However, one aspect that players will need to do is pick what time they’re deploying into a match, and this is going to be vital for any Tarkov raid, as some players will want to avoid night time at all costs.

This is due to the fact that players won’t be able to see anything during these raids, only if you have night vision goggles equipped, which are extremely rare.

So, be sure to pick anytime after 6:00 or before 17:30, as this is when the game is still dark, so it’s best to try your hand at a day time raid.