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Dr Disrespect & Odell Beckham Jr. Team Up For Maximized Athleticism In Warzone

Dr Disrespect & Odell Beckham Jr. Team Up For Maximized Athleticism In Warzone

Odell Beckham Jr. has made quite a name for himself in the world of football. He’s found great success as a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, scooping up a litany of awards throughout his career. OBJ isn’t satisfied with his success on the field, though. He wants to parlay his sports fame over to the world of video games. That’s why he sought out the help of Mr. Two Time to do things right.

OBJ teamed up with none other than Dr. Disrespect for a pair of streams where the two jumped in on Call of Duty: Warzone together. Dr. Disrespect is one of the biggest, if not the biggest streamer out there, and he certainly knows his way around the Call of Duty world. OBJ and the Doc joined forces in order to help OBJ take his game to the next level, and also showcase just why Dr. Disrespect is considered one of the best.

Nearly 400,000 people tuned in live to watch Doc and OBJ strut their stuff on the battlefield. While OBJ certainly has a ways to go when it comes to winning a battle royale, the Doc was in top form as always. In a particularly impressive moment, Dr. Disrespect lined up an absolutely expert shot with an RPG to send a helicopter crashing to the ground. There’s no doubt his Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 helped him hear the approaching enemies, and then blast them out of the air at a moment’s notice.

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While Doc and OBJ certainly took Call of Duty: Warzone seriously while playing, the two also had some more lighthearted back-and-forth chatter. At one point, Doc’s larger-than-life ego came out in full force when he told OBJ that he thought he could throw a football roughly 80 yards. OBJ obviously didn’t believe that, which led to Doc saying he’d bet $10,000 and his Blizzard account if OBJ could out-throw him. That bet is yet to take place, but fans of both are hoping something comes together in the future.

There was also a moment when Dr. Disrespect and OBJ started talking about the 1997 classic game, NFL Blitz. It’s no surprise OBJ is a fan, but it turns out the good Doc is as well. As Beckham Jr. sang the praises of the arcade-style football title, Doc shared some love as well. Turns out Doc used to play NFL Blitz quite a bit back in the day, and actually got into some fights over the outcome of plays/games. It seems no matter what game Dr. Disrespect is playing, he has an insane amount of passion for it!

Dr. Disrespect and Odell Beckham Jr. getting together for some Warzone fun turned out to be a hit, and the two personalities played really well off of one another. With a potential football bet thrown out there, fans can’t wait to see these two get together for a second outing. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up playing some NFL Blitz on stream! Imagine how heated that would end up being!

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