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Celebrating Black History Month: A Conversation With BlackKrystel

Celebrating Black History Month: A Conversation With BlackKrystel

As part of Black History Month, Turtle Beach is proud to celebrate and spotlight the achievements of Black leaders within our own community through a series of conversations.

Today we catch up with BlackKrystel, multi-media personality, recording artist, host, producer, journalist and content creator.

Turtle Beach: What do you think about when you hear “Black History Month”?

BlackKrystel: What I think about when I hear “Black History Month” is honestly just celebration. Really, just an opportunity to flex all the hard work that I’ve been putting in, and that everyone has been putting in, all year long. So when Black History Month comes around, I’m out here to just flex that, because a lot of the time it goes unnoticed.

TB: When you were growing up, who inspired you? Who inspires you today?

BK: When I was growing up, honestly, I really didn’t have anyone that inspired me, unfortunately. So this is kind of why I do what I do, but those that inspire me today are so many blerds around me. There are so many creatives that are just absolutely killing it. My peers. My coworkers. They’re the ones inspiring me to do bigger and better things.

TB: What would you say to your teenage self? What advice do you have for the younger generation?

BK: Honestly, I would say the same thing to my teenage self that I would say to the younger generation: KEEP GOING! Don’t listen to them. Seriously, don’t listen to them. Block out the toxicity, don’t listen to negativity. There’s going to be so much of that around you, they’re going to tell you you can’t do it, that you’re not good enough, they’re going to underestimate you until the day you die. You have to block it out. You’ve got to ignore it, because you are strong enough, you are good enough, and you’re going to be able to do it. Do not let that negativity stop you from achieving your dreams.

TB: What is one thing you think people can do to keep the conversation about black history going not just in the month of February but all year long?

BK: One thing I think people can do to keep the conversation going about black history, not just in the month of February, is really going out of your way to support and discover black creators. You know, everybody consumes social media everyday and the algorithm is a beast, and it tends to not really show you things that you don’t already see everyday. So you’ve got to go out there; you’ve got to search; you’ve got to discover. Go out of your comfort zone, look for new creatives, and put those in your life. You’ll be surprised, there’s so many of us out here flexing, not just in the month of February.

TB: What is one thing you think people can do to better their efforts around diversity and inclusion?

BK: One thing I think people can do to better their efforts around diversity and inclusion, is honestly, make it a priority. If you go into whatever you’re doing, and you make diversity and inclusion a priority and not an afterthought, not something that you do in the last minute, it will show.  Having that be top of mind, having that be important,  having that be something you think of first. That’s what I think people can do better.

TB: What do you want your impact on the world to be?

BK: I really want my impact on the world to be somebody who can show that we’re all nerds, that there’s a nerd in every one of us, and it doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter your skin tone, it doesn’t matter your gender, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. There’s a geek in every single one of us, I know it.

BlackKrystel is an influencer, host, streamer, cosplayer, musical artist, and lover of geek and pop culture.  Find BlackKrystel on TwitterInstagram, and streaming live on Twitch.