Call Of Duty: Warzone’s “Games of Summer” Breakdown

Looking for a bit more of a global challenge than what Warzone usually provides?

Call Of Duty: Warzone’s “Games of Summer” Breakdown

Boasting over 75 million players worldwide, Call of Duty: Warzone is easily one of the biggest hits of the year. Operators across Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC have been dropping into the Warzone to show off their skills, all to see who can come out on top in this hyper-intense battle royale. With helicopters buzzing above, firefights breaking out left and right, and vehicles barreling down the battlefield, it’s rare to have a dull moment in the Warzone.

If you’ve been playing for the past few months, hopefully you’ve managed to secure at least a victory or two. Maybe you’re even good enough to bring home the dub on a consecutive basis, and you’re constantly bragging about your elite skills. If so, and you’re looking for a bit more challenge than what Warzone usually provides, the Warzone ‘Games of Summer’ event might be the perfect arena for you.

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What are the “Games of Summer”?

Activision has put together the ultimate test of your abilities with the Call of Duty: Warzone ‘Games of Summer’ event. Running from August 28th to September 7th, 2020, players will be able to push themselves to the limit in a series of single-player Trials. You’re not just playing for yourself in these Trials, either. Activision is keeping tabs on scores and times for each Trial by country, all to see which part of the world hosts the best Operators out there. If you don’t perform to your absolute peak abilities in each Trial, you’ll be letting yourself and your countrymen down! Think of it like our own little shooter olympic games.

What are the Trials themselves?

Each Trial is meant to test your skill level in a number of different ways. While shooting accuracy is certainly a big part of the action, Trials are also meant to test your movement skills, ability to stay alive, and more. You’ll have to be an extremely well-rounded Operator in order to come out on top.

The first Trial is dubbed “Risky Parkour,” and it started taking place on Livestock on August 28th, 2020. Your goal here is to zip through multiple checkpoints as fast as you can, all while avoiding toxic gas that’s flooding the map. All you have on you for this Trial is your Combat Knife, and the medal times sit at 55 seconds for Bronze, 47 seconds for Silver, and 40 seconds for Gold.

Trial #2, the “Gun Course,” is set on a custom map and kicked off August 29th, 2020. Once again, the goal is to make it through the map as quickly as possible, but this time you have to take out enemies and avoid civilian casualties as you go. Medal times are 1:30 for Bronze, 1 minute for Silver, and just 40 seconds for Gold.

The third trial, named “Marksman Challenge,” takes place on another custom map, and began on August 30th, 2020. Test your long-distance shooting skills with a HDR Sniper Rifle by wiping out enemies far off in the distance. Every shot missed will add to your time. Goals sit at 3,400 points for Bronze, 3,900 for Silver, and 4,400 for Gold.

“Price’s Alley” is the fourth trial, which puts you into a custom version of the Price’s Alley map with a Renetti handgun. Starting today on August 31st, 2020, the aim is to wipe out an endless series of enemies while once again avoiding civilians in the way. Keep your combo going for as long as possible to max out your score. 4,000 points will get you a Bronze medal, 5,000 for Silver, and 6,000 for Gold.

The last Trial starts tomorrow, September 1st, 2020, and it plops you into the King map for a “Shooting Range” challenge. Hunt down every target with a weapon of choice and shoot them as quickly as possible. The fewer shots you take for the objective, the better. Medals sit at 50 seconds for Bronze, 40 seconds for Silver, and 30 seconds for Gold.

What are the rewards?

The competition in Warzone’s Games of Summer event is going to be extremely fierce, and very few will manage to stand victorious atop the leaderboards. That said, simply participating in these events will net you some bonuses that make your time gunning to be the best well worth it.

Depending on whether you get Bronze, Silver, or Gold in a Trial, you’ll get different rewards. The good news is that rewards are stackable. If you land a Gold in one of the Trials, that means you’ll automatically be given the rewards for the Silver and Bronze tiers. If you’re skilled enough to hit that top-tier right off the bat, your job is done, and you’ll get all the possible benefits.

At the very base level, competing in the various Trials earns you a Games of Summer Cup weapon charm. Depending on how well you do in each Trial, you can nab vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards, Legendary weapon blueprints, and more. If you’re talented enough to earn a Gold in each Trial, you’ll take home the Legendary Assault Rifle Juliet Blueprint. This weapon comes with a clear, non-magnified sight picture, which definitely puts it among the top of its class.

On a grander scale, your achievements in the various Trials will rack up points for your country. Each day, the top 15 countries will be featured on a leaderboard, and total scoring is weighted by a country’s participants. When all is said and done, one country will come out above all others, earning the title of Games of Summer victor. Pulling in a win and locking down some rewards for yourself is nice, but wouldn’t you like to be the linchpin in your country’s success?

You only have until September 7th, 2020 to show what you can do. Get out there and take on the different Trials, learn the routes, and put up your best scores/times. You can compete as many times as you want, so there’s always room to improve. Go for the Gold, and don’t let your country down. Your fellow Operators are counting on you!

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