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Best Couples in Video Games

From lovers, to companions, and even best friends, these are some of the best gaming duos ever!

Romance is in the air, and while we’re playing Valentine’s Day events in games, we got to thinking about notable couples in video games. Not all of these couples have a standard relationship, and not all of them are human, but we think they all have a special bond, one that made us feel a variety of emotions as got to know them.

Link and Zelda

You know love to be true when it surpasses time, space, and realities. Link and Zelda were always meant to fight for one another, to share their experiences no matter the distance – this is why the iconic duo deserves mentioning.

Even when Link is stuck in stasis for seven years, Zelda goes on fighting, knowing that the hero of time will come and save the day. Even in Breath of the Wild, a world so different from what’s come before, Zelda and Link manage to meet one another, to work together to quell evil.

What’s truly moving about this relationship is that they can never seem to remain with each other. There’s an underlying sense that, no matter how hard they fight, the will always be torn apart. However, despite this, it’s a guarantee that they will see one another again, one day, maybe not in the same reality, but their souls are connected.

Master Chief and Cortana

Not all couples appear the same, in fact, a lot of the best couples in video games exist between two entities that might not even be human! This is the case with Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and Cortana, a superhuman soldier and an advanced artificial intelligence. One is robotic in their actions and thought processes, while the other shows outward emotion and care.

Starting way back in 2001, the relationship between this strange couple blossomed from game to game. Having Cortana with us as we systematically took down the Covenant and fought against the Flood were some of the greatest moments in gaming. What’s more, when we had to leave her behind, there was a true sense of emptiness, like a part of our character was missing.

Even after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, we can’t help but feel that Master Chief and Cortana are always supposed to be together, fighting whatever the universe throws at them.

Wander and Agro

Life can be hard, and sometimes the best companion you have isn’t human, but rather an animal. Wander, from the gorgeous Shadow of the Colossus, finds himself in this position, where his only friend through the many trials and tribulations is his steed, Agro. The two aren’t a couple in the typical sense, but they rely on one another just the same.

The Shadow of the Colossus HD remaster recently released, so we got to experience the sole-crushing loneliness of the Forbidden Lands once more. Everything about the remaster is phenomenal, from the connection between Wander and Agro, to the gorgeous soundtrack and atmosphere – which sound incredible through the Stealth 700 for PS4 with its DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound capabilities. As we trekked across the vast fields, it became even more obvious how much we appreciated the presence of Agro. Even though we can’t talk to her, there’s still a sense of camaraderie, as Wander and Agro take down the numerous colossi together.

Runners-up: Ico and Yorda, Trico and The Boy

Mario and Princess Peach

It wouldn’t be a list of best couples in video games if we didn’t mention the humble plumber and the damsel in distress, Mario and Princess Peach. The two star-crossed icons of Nintendo were there at the very beginning when we first began to feel emotions for little pixels moving across a screen. Taking control of Mario, and pressing onwards to the castle in order to save Peach, was a pure form of fighting for what you love and believe in.

The relationship between Mario and Princess Peach isn’t just limited to her being stolen by Bowser, they’re also an incredible duo when it comes to fighting side-by-side, playing board games, and even go-karting.

Ryu and Sakura

Best couples and duos in gaming.It’s official! With the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition came new story endings for all the game’s characters. Sakura’s ending is particularly noteworthy as it confirms what shippers have clamored for ages now: the pairing of the wandering warrior with his bright-eyed disciple.

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Whatcha got there, Nate?

Through four mainline entries in this award-winning series, we tagged along with Nate and Elena on their rollercoaster journey fraught with danger and death, but also filled with the joys of discovery, adventure, romance… and a fear of clowns. There’s just something so satisfying about watching characters you love grow and evolve over time, and this duo delivered.

Runner-up: Nate and Sully!

Monster Hunter and Palico

Monster Hunter: World is tearing up the charts at the moment, already making waves as Capcom’s fastest selling game on record. It’s no surprise either — the game is a tantalizing concoction of slaying, crafting, exploration, and multiplayer mayhem that altogether combines into a mighty addictive loop.

Part of that concoction involves Palicoes, the furry feline companions who accompany you on your adventures in the New World. They provide invaluable assistance on your solo outings, providing support, healing, or buffs as needed. Not to mention, you can dress them up in the cutest darned outfits imaginable.

Not all couples appear the same, they come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. However, some of our fondest moments from gaming is when we encounter a couple, a pair of characters with an unbreakable bond, a special relationship that keeps them together through all the hardships.