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Beginner Tips for God of War

Before you take on the Norse gods, get up-to-speed with our beginner tips for God of War!

God of War is upon us, which means PlayStation 4 owners everywhere are getting ready to dive into Santa Monica Studio’s critically acclaimed title. Because it’s been so long since we’ve played a God of War, and seeing as a whole new generation of gamers will be experiencing this ferocious franchise for the first time, we thought it would be a good idea to list off a few beginner tips.


Explore, Explore, Explore

God of War for PlayStation 4.Right off the bat, it’s going to be obvious that God of War is significantly different to the previous games in the franchise – so forget almost everything you know. The pacing of God of War is a little bit slower between the combat, which allows you to explore the rich and detailed world. When you get the chance, investigate every nook and cranny, as you will often find treasures lurking in the shadows.

It’s also important to invoke Kratos’ inner rage and smash everything you see. Boxes, tables, chairs, overhead jugs, everything is as good as broken. Smashing these things isn’t just for fun, they can actually reward you with Hacksilver (the currency in God of War) as well as Healthstones or even Artifacts.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Combat in God of War for PlayStation 4.

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God of War actually lets you upgrade the armor and equipment Kratos uses as he adventures across mountains and plains. The armor you start the game wearing won’t be the same you end the game with, so get used to equipping new gear. With new gear equipped, you’ll want to find Brok or Sindri on your travels and get them to improve your tools.

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There are six main stats that are attached to your gear: Strength, Runic, Defence, Vitality, Luck, and Cooldown. Strength affects your damage output, Runic is responsible for your Runic Attack and elemental damage, Defence reduces the damage you take, Vitality increases your max health, Luck dictates your perk activation chances and hacksilver gains, while Cooldown helps to reduce the time it takes for abilities to recharge.

Whenever you get a new piece of armor, see whether the stats increase a particular attribute you’re interested in improving. Sometimes you will need to make sacrifices in some areas to improve another.

Learn Your Weapons

God of War for PlayStation 4.

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Kratos has a shiny new weapon to use called the Leviathan axe. This Viking-style weapon has its own feel that is entirely different to the Blades of Chaos old-school God of War players might be familiar using. But it’s a new era, which means getting used to new things, and the Leviathan axe does not disappoint.

Practice the light and heavy attacks, chaining them in combat to take advantage of enemy weaknesses or delays in attacks. Look for opportunities to hit enemies hard and fast, and remember to couple your attacks with strategic dodges. You’ll also want to weave Runic Attacks into your combat, whether it’s a light or heavy ability. Keep in mind that these take time to recharge, so use them wisely!

Listen to Atreus

Atreus and Kratos in God of War for PlayStation 4.Kratos’ son Atreus knows what’s going on. He’ll be by your side (or slightly in the distance firing arrows at massive trolls) every step of the way, but don’t take him for granted. Atreus is a valuable asset, both in combat, and out of combat. The reason he’s useful outside of combat is that he will let you know when you’re missing something important. If you spend too much time tinkering with a contraption, Atreus will give you a little hint that maybe you don’t have the right tool yet, which is why it’s so important to listen.

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God of War has been receiving some incredible praise across the board, with 10/10 reviews pouring in, and we must admit, it’s worth every one. Keep these tips in mind as you venture into the new God of War, and experience one of the best games of the year!

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