Increasing TTK Will Hurt “low-skilled players”, Warzone Dev Admits

Increasing TTK Will Hurt “low-skilled players”, Warzone Dev Admits

TTK or “time to kill” has been a reasonably big talking point in Call of Duty for a number of years, but the introduction of Warzone seemingly made the conversation an even bigger bone of contention for players on both sides of the divide. Whatever changes the developers make, it’ll end up annoying either experienced players who want a harder game, or new players with less skill who become frustrated.

In some cases, the developers have sought to make changes that strike a happy balance and you could point to the Iron Trials mode in Warzone as proof of that. For those who don’t know, Iron Trials essentially serves as something akin to a ‘hard mode’ which is geared more towards the most competitive of players. Not only does it drastically increase the speed the circle collapses, but players have increased health, among, many more changes that ramp up the difficulty.

But beyond Iron Trials, there’s not a lot else, and not we may know why, as a Warzone developer has more or less admitted that the team avoids increasing the TTK as it will hurt the lowest-skilled or “crappier” Warzone players.

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Speaking on a Q&A (Via Dexerto) with Call of Duty pro Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow, Raven Software’s creative lead Josh Bridge took a little time to speak about the issues the team face with TTK in Warzone; and more or less confirmed that TTK is kept low to help lesser skilled players.

“The concern that we’ve always had, the more you increase the TTK, the concern is you’re raising the skill ceiling,” Bridge explained.

“Crappier players just can’t take out better players because it’s too much health to chip away. That’s where the fast TTK gives the hope that a low-skilled player may get a random spray.”

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Whilst it seems unlikely then that we’ll see any drastic changes to TTK in the future – especially if the devs want to keep it low to help less skilled players – Bridge went on to suggest that Iron Trials has still helped “inform” the team on the best route forward for the main game, adding:

“We feel like that 50 health [increase] is the sweet spot for Warzone, although it deviates from multiplayer games.”

Perhaps we’ll see some small tweaks in the future then, who knows it could arrive with Warzone Pacific Season 3 later this year!