Most Anticipated Xbox Series X|S Games of 2021

The Xbox games we're Series-ly anticipating...

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X|S Games of 2021

The next generation of Xbox is here.  The Xbox Series X and Series S launched late in 2020, giving gamers a glimpse of what Microsoft thinks the future of gaming will be.  However, there wasn’t exactly much available on launch to really show off the power of the platform.  That’s alright though, as 2021 is looking jam-packed with big-name games, including plenty of titles you’ll only find on Xbox.  Here’s our most anticipated upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S titles of 2021.

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Master Chief poses with gun, Halo ring viewable in the distance.

As long as the wait isn’t… infinite.

Halo Infinite

There was a time when Halo Infinite wouldn’t have been included on this list and we’d all be playing it already.  That’s because the original plan was to release Halo Infinite in 2020 alongside the new consoles.  Shockingly, Microsoft and 343 announced that the game would be delayed from the Xbox Series X|S launch date to sometime later in 2021.  This delay was in response to a gameplay trailer that resulted in a rather lackluster response from the internet.  Rather than rush the game out in it’s current state, 343 Studios decided to give the game another year’s worth of tweaking and development.  Halo certainly deserves the TLC, and there’s little doubt the extra development time will only work wonders for Master Chief’s next adventure.

Splitscreen view shows the protagonist exploring through two worlds at once.

Two horrors for the price of one!

The Medium

If you’re looking to see the true power of the Xbox Series X and Series S, The Medium will be one of the first titles to showcase what’s possible.  This psychological horror pushes the console’s limits by rendering not one, but two game worlds at the same time.  As a Medium, you’ll be able to cross through both worlds at will.  Your travels between the living world and spirit world will help unravel a centuries-old mystery fraught with puzzles and creatures the likes of which you’ve never seen.  This one’s not for the faint of heart!

The Protagonist of the Gunk encounters a strange creature, or plant, or combination.

Sus name – fun looking game.

The Gunk

If you’re not paying attention to The Gunk, you should be.  This third-person action adventure is being worked on by Image & Form, the team behind the multi-award winning SteamWorld franchise.  The gang is stepping away from their robot roots for an all-new adventure where you travel through outer space and stumble upon a planet infected with some sort of… well, “gunk.”  In order to survive your stay on this planet, you’ll have to forage for any useful items you can scrap together, and then craft tools and more to aid in your journey.  Will you find out what’s causing the gunk to overtake this planet, or will the gunk overtake you?

Senua stars down the camera with a deadly serious glare. Silhouettes of her tribe behind her.

I guess something changed since last time, Senua looks pissed.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

Not many games are brave enough to tackle mental health issues, but Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice did so in spectacular fashion.  The team at Ninja Theory spoke with countless experts in the mental health field to craft an unforgettable adventure that takes place in the mind of the main character as much as it does the real world.  The original Hellblade blew players away with its delicate, yet head-on approach to a serious issue, steered by a strong Celtic woman on her quest to save a loved one.  Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will continue Senua’s journey into, and hopefully out the other side of madness.

Characters glance out at a beautiful mountain vista.

Man does this game just *look* amazing.


The RARE of decades ago is pretty much dead as a doornail, as almost the entire original staff moved on to form Playtonic.  Today’s RARE took quite a few years to find their footing, but really came into their own with Sea of Thieves.  Now the team is moving on from the high seas to craft something a bit more magical.  Not much is known about Everwild at this time, but it’s clear the journey is about building bonds with other real-life players while you navigate a land filled with animal spirits and more.  Everwild will no doubt be a showcase for not just what Xbox Series X|S can do, but also the unique kinds of experiences Microsoft wants on their platform.

One character holds a gun to another character as he's used as a human shield.

Heavy noir comic vibes with this one.

As Dusk Falls

It all starts with a robbery gone wrong that causes decades of turmoil for two families living in a small town in Arizona.  As Dusk Falls is a narrative adventure that is driven by the choices you make, so choose wisely.  This gorgeous-looking adventure title is in the hands of some very dedicated developers who are masters of their craft.  Former Quantic Dream design lead Caroline Marchal leads the pack, and she’s got an expert team at her disposal, including members who previously worked for Bioware, Sony London, and even Pixar.  As Dusk Falls will surely present players with a multifaceted, nuanced story that’ll make you cry, laugh, and grit your teeth.

Four players rush to fight a giant robotic spider.

Looks like we’re all going to fight this mech-spider, want in?

The Ascent

Cyberpunk 2077 might be the talk of the town for Cyberpunk fans right now, but The Ascent could be the 2021 title that genre fans will foam at the mouth over.  This solo and co-op action RPG takes place in a world where The Ascent Group has fallen into disarray.  This organization owned pretty much everyone, and their collapse has created absolute chaos.  Now people are fighting to survive while gangs rove the streets, mega-corps are swooping in to steal assets, and no one knows what the future holds.  It’s up to you to fight back against the madness and learn just what went wrong.  

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