Halo Infinite: Campaign Easter Eggs

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Halo Infinite: Campaign Easter Eggs

With Halo Infinite, Master Chief is back — and so are the Easter eggs. The series has been known for its share of both whacky and practical Easter eggs, along with entertaining secrets, collectible skulls that alter how the game plays, have been a consistent feature of the series. Halo Infinite doesn’t skimp in that department, so here’s how to find our favorite Easter eggs in the campaign.

How To Find the Sandwich Easter Egg in Halo Infinite’s Campaign

Halo Infinite easter eggs guide

Here’s where you’ll find the Sandwich Easter egg in Halo Infinite.

For this one, you’ll need to have completed the Excavation Site mission. That mission spits you out into the area for the Spire mission. At the very end of the Spire’s canyon, on the south side, there is a gaping cave mouth. Approach the cave and enter it. There will be a warthog stopped at a pile of boulders — hop or grapple over them. From there, follow the path past the dead brutes and grunts. The cave will become more narrow and red tinted before opening up into a wide cavern with enemies.

You’ll want to clear out these enemies, as this next part will be much easier without them. Once you’ve killed them, head back to the entrance of the new cavern. From there, you’ll see two hexagonal pulsars that go from the floor to the ceiling. Grapple up the one on the left, and then onto the smaller pillar attached to that one. If you look straight up, you should be able to make out a very small opening in the roof of the cave.

Grapple up into that crevice, and it will spit you out right into the sandwich Easter egg room. There will be a giant sandwich (of course) with some grunts scattered around in awe of the size of it. You can’t damage the sandwich or the grunts, but you sure can marvel at them. There’s even a radio inside the sandwich that plays chiptune music.

How To Find the Rick and Morty Easter Egg

Halo Infinite easter eggs guide

It may be a Meeseeks cube, but Master Chief isn’t going to be enlisting any help.

You’ll be able to access the Rick and Morty Easter egg fairly early in the game. Head over to The Tower and make your way inside. The Tower mission is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a half hour to complete. If you’re returning from later in the campaign, be advised that the Banished will have reclaimed the area. You won’t need to re-defeat them, however — just take the gravity elevator back up into the Tower. 

Once inside, stay on the first floor. Walk around until you find a section with three crates in the middle of the hallway. Check on the right wall’s set of prison cells. You’ll see a familiar cube in the one at the far right side’s end. This small cube is a Meeseeks cube, which has made an appearance in a few episodes of Rick and Morty. While the Meeseeks cube may have made its way into Halo Infinite, don’t expect to get any help — the cube sadly doesn’t work.

While you’re there, check out the roof of The Tower. You’ll find a small stage setup complete with lights and instruments. Near one of these lights, you’ll be able to see a small piece of paper on the ground. This paper is actually a record from who else but Craig the Brute during his Zeta Halo tour.

How To Find the Original Xbox Easter Egg

The original Xbox is a bit trickier to find than some other Halo Infinite Easter eggs, as there aren’t many points of interest around it. If you’ve gotten far enough in the game to take over Forward Operating Base Juliet, however, you’ll be able to find it easily. 

From Juliet, drive east on the road until you get to a fork. Take the left and drive past the first right, then take the second right. Keep on driving, skip the next right turn, and then take the second right. Drive into the mountain and you’ll come across a cave made up of the hexagonal pillars of the Zeta Halo. 

While at the entrance to the cave, look to the back right of it near the red light. Go over to this red light and look up. You should see a hole in the ceiling. Just like for the sandwich Easter egg, you’ll want to grapple into this hole. From there, you’ll be able to see a small TV and table set up complete with the original Xbox. 

How To Find the Dolls at the Edge and Top of the World

Halo Infinite easter eggs guide

Sooo, when can we buy one for real?

If you want to see The Weapon in plush form, head up to the far left corner of the map and take the road that snakes off to the east. Travel along it until you reach the very edge of the map, where it starts becoming the hexagon pillars. At the very end of these pillars you should come across a pile of rocks. On the side of the largest rock facing the void, you’ll find a small doll of The Weapon. Adorable.

If you want to pair The Weapon with her Spartan, then head back over to The Tower’s region. Make your way to FOB Golf and climb up the mountain it buttresses. You’ll find a doll of Master Chief next to a small campsite, just above the line of hexagonal pillars.

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