Fortnite NPC locations: Where To Find Characters In Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite NPC locations: Where To Find Characters In Chapter 3 Season 2

It’s time for another season of Fortnite and that means those NPCs have relocated to on the new map. Whilst the NPCs are no longer needed as heavily for completing challenges, it helps to know where they can be found, if only to help with stocking up on weapons, supplies or even to just as a gun for hire to help you on that quest to grab a Fortnite victory crown. Whatever your reason for seeking out an NPC, you’ll find all known locations further down, as well as a more specific list of the NPC’s who are selling special items you can buy too.

Fortnite NPC Map Locations

Everyone loves a map, right? Well if you click on the image below from @EveryDay_FN you’ll find the locations of all 24 NPC characters in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

All Fortnite NPC Locations

Below you’ll find a more specific explanation of where to find all 24 NPC characters in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 (Via Roccat):

  1. The Origin – The Sanctuary
  2. The Imagined – a Seven Outpost
  3. The Visitor – East Island
  4. The Scientist – Synapse Station
  5. Agent Jones – Can be found in one of four Seven Outposts across the map
  6. The Foundation – The Sanctuary
  7. Bunker Jonesy – The Joneses
  8. Ludwig – The Joneses
  9. Brainiac – The Joneses
  10. Mullet Marauder – The Joneses
  11. Jonesy the First – The Joneses
  12. Cuddle Team Leader – Camp Cuddle
  13. Metal Team Leader – Camp Cuddle
  14. Cuddlepool – Camp Cuddle
  15. Quackling – Camp Cuddle
  16. Guaco – Greasy Grove
  17. Lil’ Whip – Coney Crossroads
  18. Bao Bros – Condo Canyon
  19. Tomatohead – Tilted Towers
  20. Mancake – Rocky Reels
  21. Peely – The Daily Bugle
  22. Gunnar – Command Cavern
  23. Huntmaster Saber – Command Cavern
  24. Slone – The Fortress

It’s also worth noting that only certain Fortnite NPC’s will sell special items to you. Do make a note of the following NPC’s and their special items (Via PCGamesN):

  • The Scientist – Will sell the shield keg (250 gold) and Hop Rock Dualies (500 gold)
  • The Foundation – When defeated will drop the Foundation MK-7 assault rifle
  • Bunker Jonesy – Will sell The Dub (600 gold)
  • Guaco – Will sell Chili Chug packs
  • Mancake – Will sell the Marksman Six Shooter (400 gold)
  • Lt. John Llama – Will sell the shield keg (250 gold) and Boom sniper rifle (600 gold)
  • Haven – Will sell Klomberries