Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2022: When Is The Next Account Reset?

Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2022: When Is The Next Account Reset?
Battlestate Games has confirmed that the Escape From Tarkov Wipe will take place on June 29, at 08:00 BST/03:00 EDT 

"We are planning to install patch The installation will take approximately 5 hours, but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period."

Original Story –When is the next Escape From Tarkov wipe” that’s likely a phrase you’ll see a lot from the Escape From Tarkov community every 5 to 6 months as players prepare for Battlestate Games’ next big server reset. The EFT fans who think they’re funny will probably reply with ‘Thursday’, but the answer isn’t always so simple, or straightforward.

If you don’t know what a wipe is in Tarkov, or if you’re new to the game and want to know why you’re suddenly facing the prospect of getting booted back to level 1 with no gear, then don’t worry, it’s normal. Read on, we’ll explain everything you need to know, including the most important question: when is the next Escape From Tarkov Wipe.

Latest News

You’ll find all the latest news on the next Tarkov Wipe, just below.

June 28 - Toxin Event

Just another crazy day for the pre-wipe events. The latest being a deadly toxin that is now killing all players as they load into raid, killing them within about eight minutes unless they can find a XTG-12 stimulant on the map.

June 27 - More Teasers

Well-known fountain of knowledge Tarkov Reporter has claimed on their blog that the EFT wipe is coming this week, on June 30.

“Battlestate Games published a letter on social media (above) that claimed the Lighthouse area is open (present tense) but reports are flooding in that the out-of-bounds sniper will still shoot on sight in Escape From Tarkov. The letter also includes multiple references to 6.30, making the June 30 wipe speculation grow stronger.”

June 24 - More Teasers

What does it mean…

June 22 - New Pre Wipe Event

All bosses are now meeting on customs.

June 21 - New event + possible wipe date leaked

Battlestate Games just released another teaser which reads (Translation via Kraynd’s Tarkov Tips): “Dear friend, I’ve sent you a large amount of an upgraded substance – the one we used to run our experiments. A third is for your business; the rest must be distributed among local customers. The supply can be picked up at our lady friend. I count on you.”

It looks like the game is giving players an upgraded Obdolbos stim which can give you incredible boosted stats. However, it also has a 5% chance of instantly killing you.

Battlestate Games started a new event in Escape From Tarkov, giving the Obdolbos stim upgraded stats with one massive downfall in a 5% chance of instantly killing you, and they may have leaked the wipe date in the process.

It’s also been suggested that the negative health regeneration of the Obdolbos stim (which is 3006) could be a clue to the eventual date for the games next wipe. So 3006 would be 30 June.

June 21 - Airdrops increasing in frequency

So the wipe could be coming much sooner than we anticipated. Reports suggest the game is currently releasing up to 6 airdrops per raid (all at once). Could the wipe come this Thursday? We wouldn’t rule it out at this stage.

Hopefully, we’ll get more information later today if Battlestate are going to ramp up the pre-wipe event even further.

June 20 - Nikita: 'Ready for wipe'

The big tease…

June 20 - Pre Wipe Event Teased

It looks as though the Pre-Wipe events for Escape From Tarkov are about to get underway!

Previously Battlestate Games’ Nikita had suggested they needed more time to get the next update ready, but did say pre-wipe events would happen before the next update. True to form, the developer’s official Twitter account has today released a new image that seems to be teasing some upcoming event.

The image (seen below) shows a flight radar with 16 planes being tracked. Although there’s only one which is named. As noted by The Loadout, it’s a ‘Ilyushin II-76’ aircraft, which is traditionally a transport plane used to carry cargo or humanitarian aid and disaster relief”.

Reportedly the plane is currently airdropping high-tier loot across the game right now. The teaser might suggest that these air drops are about to increase in frequency until the new update and wipe drops.

Wipes will normally happen on a Thursday, but we doubt it will be this week. So potentially we could be looking at next week, with a release on June 30.

June 12 - Another Streamer Item?

Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov has tweeted what looks to be another new Streamer Item. But also it doesn’t look like it belongs to any Streamer we know of. That being said, Tarkov Reporter on Twitter seems to suggest it might be linked to an old Soviet hockey cartoon. Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

June 10 - Next EFT Wipe Confirmed

Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov returned to the TarkovTV live stream on June 9 and announced plenty of new updates coming to the game, including an Offline Co-op Mode, an expansion to the Lighthouse and so much more. But obviously, you want to know about the next wipe.

Nikita confirmed that the next patch for Escape From Tarkov will include a wipe. However, he didn’t reveal a release date for the patch and wipe, stating that

announced on June 9, 2022 that the Lighthouse Expansion Patch for Escape From Tarkov will include a wipe. However, the timing of that patch and wipe is still unknown. Apparently, it’s “almost ready” but needs a bit more polish. Pre-wipe events will start before the next wipe, so we’ll get a heads up beforehand.


June 9 - New Streamer Items revealed

Over the past week, Battlestate Games’ Nikita Buyanov has released a few teaser images of the new Streamer Items presumably coming to Escape From Tarkov’s following the next wipe. It includes new Streamer Items for the following content creators, and can be seen on the image/Tweet below from Tarkov Reporter.

June 8 - New Content (& Wipe?) Confirmed

There it is, Battlestate Games has confirmed that they’re ready to reveal new content and features coming in the next Escape From Tarkov update and most likely the next wipe.

The TarkovTV Live event will air on June 9 at 9:30 AM PDT/4:30PM GMT.

June 7 - TarkovTV Coming this week

Escape From Tarkov game director Nikita has announced a new TarkovTV stream coming later this week. Whilst we doubt we’ll get the wipe, we could see some updates or announcements in relation to the next wipe.

June 3 - Battlestate Games announce Arena Mode

So it wasn’t to do with the EFT wipe after all. Instead Battlestate Games have announced Escape from Tarkov Arena, a new standalone game project coming later this year.

Arena is billed as a session-based multiplayer first-person shooter for PC with all the known and beloved hardcore game mechanics of Escape from Tarkov. Players will take part in gladiatorial battles in various arenas of the city of Tarkov, organized by a mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host.

The game will feature various PvP and PvE game modes, ratings, weapon and gear unlocks and unique features for owners of the main Escape from Tarkov game, like the ability to play as your main profile character.

June 3 - New Promo Code

The new trailer could also signal a new in-game event and fans think there could be some sort of connection with the name of the trailer and the items contained in a new promo code.

If you enter ‘CVTHNMD1DJPLE[T’ you’ll earn various items including a lot of Augmentin, which is used in game to treat bacterial infections and toxins.


It seems an unlikely coincidence, so maybe don’t sell the Augmentin to traders just yet. Things are about to get very spicy!

June 3 - New Map Coming?

Community members NoiceGuy and SonsOfSoon believe we could see a new map announced with the trailer this evening? Take a look at the image comparison in the tweet below:

June 2 - New Trailer Coming Friday!

A new video is set to premiere on Battlestate Games YouTube channel this Friday at 9pm BST (4pm Eastern Time).

This has to be a teaser for the games upcoming Wipe and whatever new content the developers have planned.


June 1 - Tagilla and Killa are back on their normal maps
May 30 - Killa and Tagilla spawning at Lighthouse

Battlestate Games’ latest event teaser has been translated, and it appears Killa and Tagilla are now spawning on Lighthouse.

The Message from Tagilla was translated by Axel_TV and can be seen below:

To Killa From Tagilla. Bro, You shoot like a bot to begin with, secondly there are some people in ULTRA, looking like cyberathletes. Crouching and standing up in a funny way, Checking their mags and switching fire mode 5 times every second. While they were fighting there I thought it’s a good idea to get out. When I went to factory, I got told by locals that Chepushila betrayed Rizhii cause of some mobile phone. That’s not how we do it, that’s not what bros do. I’m heading out to the lighthouse, you should come and join me at the village. Also those ex pmcs closed all extracts except the one which leads to shoreline resort. Everybody will be extracting there, lets catch some peeps and ask them where that rat is hiding ( chepushila ). Also the Lightkeeper, you know the one which threatened the traders, wont be here any time soon. He also got his lapdog * Zryachii * with him, so lighthouse will be empty. This happens once in a lifetime, we can go in and steal their loot. Looks like a unique opportunity. Also let’s kill those ex pmcs. P.S. You should go practise your shots on empty cans or smth. Cmon bro, you know you can’t aim for shit.

Here’s a clip of Axel encountering the duo on Lighthouse.

May 28 - New Teaser

Like many fans, we’re awaiting that translation.

May 24 - Raiders Are Leaving The Lighthouse

The Raiders are now leaving the Lighthouse area and it feels like we’re slowly escalating into a much bigger event on the horizon. The note shown in the latest tweet reads:

“Chepushila, raiders came to the Lighthouse out of nowhere. I never had time to give the phone to rogues. They were looking for me everywhere, and I could barely escape. It seems like a lot is going on around that info. I’ll go to Reserve to chill with Gluhar. His guys are lit.”

May 20 - New Event Brings Raiders to Lighthouse

A Scav (Rijy) recently got hold a phone belonging to the Raiders faction, and it seems to contain a lot of important information that the other rival faction, the Rogues, will find useful. The Raiders are not making their way to the Lighthouse to stop the sale, and as such Raider spawn rates on Lighthouse have increased to around 35-55%.

May 12 - New Event Imminent?

Battlestate games are gearing up for another event, which hopefully will snowball into something more major as we approach the next big in-game wipe.

The video (below) is in Russian, but translates to this:

“Ok, listen to me, Chepushila. I am recording this video in case I don’t come back. I recently stole a phone from one of the raiders. It has so much info. Messages, contacts, notes, etc. I think Rogues would find this info interesting and I can get some money from it. Otherwise, why would I risk my doing all of that? Ok, so if in 48 hours I don’t get in touch with you, you have to publish this. 48 hours is 2 days FYI, Chepushila. Ok, so all my stuff and items you can give to Therapist, she will handle it. My favorite mug…, whatever, give it to Therapist too. Alright, I’m going. Good luck to me!”

When Is The Next 2022 Server Wipe In Escape From Tarkov?

The last wipe in EFT happened late last year on December 12, 2021. This came with the introduction of the 12.12 patch and whilst we’re certain a wipe for the game is just around the corner, at the time of writing there is still no official announcement about when the next Escape From Tarkov wipe is coming in 2022.

Thankfully though, we do have an idea as to when the next EFT wipe is coming, and it’s sooner than you think. YouTuber pestily has calculated the average length between wipes and believers that the next Escape From Tarkov wipe will take place around June 16. This as we say isn’t fact, it’s just based on looking at the average time between wipes historically, and factoring in what days the developers normally release wipes, which usually is on a Thursday (but not always).

If you want to give his latest video a watch to see how he came to this conclusion, have a watch just below.

What Happens During An Escape From Tarkov Wipe?

A ‘wipe’ will usually coincide with the release of major updates in Escape From Tarkov and following the release of the wipe players will normally find that all player progress is reset to zero.  Yes, that means everything, it’s a game-wide account reset. All character development, quest progress, stash, hideout and much more are completely reset. You will normally be given your accounts starting items again following the release of the wipe.

If you’re wondering why it’s partly due to the game being still being in development and in beta. Essentially Battlestate Games will reset everyone’s progress to avoid added coding work which might come about from releasing their major updates.

Arguably it’s also a useful tool since it allows new players a good opportunity to jump into the game without being absolutely beasted by players who might have all the weapons and equipment to dominate other players. It’s the same situation as with Rust, which resets every month to allow the new players a chance to succeed.

How Often Do Tarkov Wipes Occur?

Battlestate Games don’t go out of their way to give specific timeframes for when a new wipe takes place in Escape From Tarkov. It’s a bit like the DayZ Wipe Schedule, in that it happens every year, but there’s no specific timeframe. That being said, we typically see Escape From Tarkov release a new server wipe every 6 months. This isn’t an exact science, and there was at least one occasion when the game issued a server wipe after just 2 months. But broadly speaking you can expect a server wipe every 6 months in Escape From Tarkov.

Just below you can see the rough timeframe for when the game’s past wipes have taken place and how many days passed between each wipe.

Date Patch Version
Days Since Previous Wipe
12 December 2021 12.12 165 Days
30 June 2021 12.11 188 Days
24 December 2020 12.9 210 Days
28 May 2020 12.6 214 Days
27 October 2019 12 201 Days
9 April 2019 11.7 152 Days
8 November 2018 10.5 112 Days
19 July 2018 9 91 Days
19 April 2018 8 114 Days
26 December 2017 5 60 Days
27 October 2017 4 N/A