Call of Duty: Warzone – The Last Hours of Verdansk

Goodbye old friend

Call of Duty: Warzone – The Last Hours of Verdansk

Call of Duty players are bidding farewell to Verdansk next week, as Pacific-themed map Caldera takes its place on December 8th. Before we say goodbye properly, however, Verdansk is set to get an explosive send-off. It’s the end of the battle royale’s first home, and we’re hoping for big things in it’s final days. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Last Hours of Verdansk event.

When Is the Last Hours of Verdansk Event?

Call of Duty: Warzone last hours of verdansk

Enjoy your time with Verdansk while you can, because the last hours are upon us

Equip your best loadout and rally the squad, because Call of Duty Warzone’s Last Hours of Verdansk event goes live December 6 through the 8th. Verdansk is set to be blown sky-high at the end, so it’s possible that the event might offer a little peek of Caldera too. 

Speaking of which, the initial plan for the Pacific-themed map Caldera was put aside, as Season One of Vanguard’s battle pass ended up delayed from its original December 3rd release. Now, December 8th will give Call of Duty players their first taste of post-launch content including the new map. Although, there is a catch… If you want to play it then, you’ll need to already own Call of Duty: Vanguard. 

If you haven’t picked up Vanguard yet, then you’ll be dropping into Caldera on December 9th instead.

What Will the Last Hours of Verdansk Event Be Like?

Details of the Last Hours of Verdansk are scarce, but if previous events are anything to go by, we can expect to be thrust into some kind of collaborative challenge. Whether it’s gathering intel or traversing to an exfiltration zone, players will still need to eliminate the competition to ensure they’re the kings of Verdansk. 

When Black Ops Cold War was integrated with Warzone, Verdansk was targeted by a nuclear strike to stop a zombie infestation. We don’t yet know if this destruction will tie into the map’s new removal, but Activision has teased the event with the message “bombs away”.

It is unknown whether an alternative playlist is all that will remain or if traditional Verdansk matches will still be available alongside the event. Rebirth Island has managed to stay clear of any destruction, so players could possibly have the Alcatraz-inspired map to tide them over until Caldera’s release. 

Call of Duty: Warzone last hours of verdansk

Rebirth Island may be around to tide players over until Warzone Pacific launches

A tease from the developers has revealed that the event will be handled by Beenox, rather than Raven Software:

“We have yet to get declassified information on this Beenox-developed event, except for this: expect a spectacular and fitting end to your time in Verdansk as we say farewell to the Kastovian city… forever?”

So as we approach the Last Hours of Verdansk, grab your shotgun and some squadmates and head out for that final chance at securing a Verdansk victory. Whatever happens next, it’s been a hell of a ride. 

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