Apex Legends Loot Guide: Where to Find High Tier Gear

Get your match off to a good start by looting the best gear in Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends, you either get loot or you get shot. Finding high tier gear as quickly as possible is key to victory, and the only way to get your hands on decent weapons is to know where to look. Before you or your Jumpmaster bail out of the ship, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the best ways to score high tier loot in Apex Legends.

Hot zones

The hot zone is named as such for a reason. This zone is as hot as it gets, brimming with the best loot but also a choice spot for would-be victors. Represented by a blue circle on the map, the hot zone is guaranteed to contain high tier rewards. Players can expect to find all kinds of epic items like purple Knockdown Shields, many types of Assault Rifles and Snipers, and perhaps even a legendary item.

The problem with the hot zone is that it’s a target for everyone. All players will be able to see it, which means you could be fighting more than a dozen other players for the best loot. It’s a big risk, but the rewards can be worth it, especially if your team can bandy together and stake your claim.

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High tier locations

Though a little more difficult to find, there does exist other high tier locations around Kings Canyon in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, knowing where these locations are during a match is impossible to tell. The only way you’ll know if you’re in a high tier loot location is if the indication appears on the left-hand side of the screen. When entering a new area of the map, look for purple writing on your HUD that reads “high tier location”.

These locations are entirely random, so finding them is down to blind luck. However, these high tier areas seem to appear around named locations. This means you’ll likely not find any great loot in the little buildings dotted between major areas, so best it’s to stick to the areas with proper names, like the Airbase, Repulsor, and Cascades.

Supply ship

The jump ship isn’t the only flying vessel cruising over Kings Canyon. A little hovering base called the Supply Ship can be seen as soon as the match starts. This ship contains high tier loot, though much like the hot zone, it will be a prime target for players looking for the best gear.

If you’re looking to loot the Supply Ship, there are two main ways to reach it. The first method is to wait for it to find its landing zone and then use the ziplines it shoots out to board it. This method requires a bit of patience, as it’s not especially fast and it means another team might reach it first and take the best loot. The second option is to jump from the main ship and land on the Supply Ship while it’s still moving. This action movie stunt is the fastest way to get to the ship, but if you miss you’ll need to quickly pick another place to land.

Lifeline’s Care Package

The final way to get some good high tier loot is to play Lifeline, the medic class. Lifeline’s ultimate ability allows her to call down a care package containing three items. These items are pretty much always epic, with the exception of some shield batteries. However, there’s a chance it will bring a legendary item, like a knockdown shield or attachment.

To ensure you get as many care packages from Lifeline as possible, feed her Ultimate Accelerators. This gadget gives an immediate 20% boost to the ultimate, which means you can have that drop pod full of high tier gear even sooner.

Finding high tier loot in Apex Legends isn’t too difficult, but it does require some planning. Players will need to either pick Lifeline and keep her calling in care packages or select a high tier location to drop. There are risks to all of these options, but it’s certainly better than using a P2020 pistol for the entire match!

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