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Arma 4: Release Date, Leaks, and Latest Enfusion Engine Updates

Arma 4: Release Date, Leaks, and Latest Enfusion Engine Updates

Is there gonna be an Arma 4? Yes, it’s been confirmed by Bohemia Interactive! The Czech-based studio is hard at work on the next development of their first-person tactical military shooter series

For fans of the Arma series, it’s been a long time since the last significant release for the game. Arma 3 launched in 2013 and whilst there’s been plenty of DLC (14 expansions to be exact), fans are eager to know what the developer has planned next for the series. Especially with regards to the Arma 4 release date on PC and consoles.

Thankfully, we have all the key details on Arma 4, so read on for everything you need to know.

18 Aug Update - Checked for the latest ARMA 4 news. All the most recent updates are found just below.

Latest News

July 1 - Arma Reforger Devs talk to The Loadout

In a new interview with The Loadout, Ján Dušek (Project Lead on Arma Reforger) has explained the importance of the new Enfusion engine and its Workbench.

Dušek went on to say that he believes no Arma game can be created without them and then adds that Arma Reforger isn’t just about testing the limits of the engine, it’s about “building a community of modding experts for Arma 4”.

“One day, current Workbench pioneers will become the veterans in the Arma 4 modding community,” he told The Loadout. “And with the possibility of monetizing mods in the future, the scene might become even more interesting.”

May 17 - Arma Reforger Revealed + Arma 4 confirmed

ARMA Reforger has been officially revealed by Bohemia Interactive and as expected it is not ARMA 4. Despite this, the studio has said that Reforger is paving the way for ARMA 4.

“The scope is unlike anything we have ever undertaken,” explained the studio’s CEO Marek Spanel in the stream, before outlining how Reforger would help with the eventual release of ARMA 4.

In short, the studio views Reforger as a “creative platform” to test out the newest version of the Enfusion engine and “provide valuable feedback for the ongoing development of Arma 4”.

May 14 - Arma Reforger Marketing document leaks

Ahead of the “Future of Arma” live stream event on Tuesday, May 17, a big marketing document of key details was leaked onto the interest ahead of time. According to the alleged Bohemia document, the developer is set to announce Arma 4 and a “more focused” console game called Arma Reforger. We imagine more will be revealed shortly.

May 12 - Arma stream to reveal 'the future” of the series next week'

Bohemia Interactive has announced an Arma stream that will be taking place next week to reveal “the future of Arma”.

Could this be our first look at Arma 4? The event is set to take place on May 17 at 6PM UK time, or 7PM CEST / 12PM CDT.

Arma 4 Release Date

At the time of writing, there is no official release date for Arma 4, and we doubt we’ll be getting one anytime soon.

As noted by the ARMA stream, Arma Reforger is the first stepping stone for Arma 4, but there’s no telling when ARMA 4 could actually arrive.

“The Arma community is eagerly anticipating the announcement of Arma 4 and is aware that it will be made using Bohemia’s new Enfusion engine. This will be the first time that an Arma game is built on entirely new technology. Due to the challenges in switching to our new Enfusion technology, as well as internal/external goals for the product, Bohemia will not be able to deliver the full scope of Arma 4, with all its planned assets and mechanics, immediately on release. Therefore, the plan is to release a more focused title first, a showcase for Arma 4 and a platform for community feedback. This is Arma Reforger.”

So, when will ARMA 4 be released? Honestly we’d be surprised if we saw ARMA 4 launch in 2023, especially with Reforger acting as the first stepping stone towards the eventual release. We would expect to see the studio’s focus to be concentrated on Reforger for the next year, and would recommend tempering expectations. We doubt we’ll see ARMA 4 until 2024 at the very earliest.

Arma Reforger Press Image

Arma 4 Leaks

So far there have been no substantial leaks in relation to Arma 4.

The only ‘leak’ that seems worth pointing out comes via a Twitter user by the name of @biostiel, who over a year ago appeared to leak a lot of details in relation to Arma Reforger and Arma 4.

Some Reddit community members believe @biostiel might be a Bohemia Interactive employee (or ex-employee?).

Whilst it’s still worth taking with a pinch of salt, Biostiel did state at one point:

“Enfusion is not ready for large Arma game, Reforged is testbed, sample. Main entry is years away.”

Based on this we can assume that Arma 4 might not arrive for quite a while yet.

Is Arma 4 coming to consoles?

We believe Arma 4 will probably come to consoles at some stage in the future.

Arma 3 never made its way to console, but Arma Reforger was released on Xbox alongside PC in early access.

We suspect that since Arma Reforger is a ‘stepping stone’ that Arma 4 will likely come to consoles in the future, potentially on Xbox first in early access before eventually being released on PlayStation consoles.

Much in the same way that DayZ came to Xbox early access before eventually launching on PS4.

Arma Reforger Images

Since we imagine Arma 4 will look fairly similar to Arma Reforger, especially if both games are built with the same engine, we may as well share a gallery of images from Arma Reforger so you can take a closer look.

That’s everything you need to know about Arma 4 so far but stay tuned for more details from the official developer livestream.