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Are Helldivers 2 Severs Down? Full Server Status, Maintaince and More

Helldivers 2 is the latest first-person shooter released by PlayStation, and it’s been off to a high flying start on both PS5 and Steam.

One of the aspects of the game is game always being online, but this has caused some server issues thus far.

Here’s the current status of the servers in Helldivers 2.

Are Helldivers 2 Severs Down? Full Server Status, Maintaince and More

Helldivers 2 features a ton of destruction within the game, and whether you’re calling down an orbital strike to enemies, or using one of the new weapons you unlocked, something is always being shot at.

However, you’re also going to want to keep in mind that the servers have been a bit wonky since the game released, and the team over at Arrowhead Studios has been hard at work trying to improve the status of players online experience.

As of now, the severs are going to be OFFLINE for maintenance for around an hour.

The developers have posted the following message in their discord.

Hey folks!

We have another update regarding our server related issues. In this maintenance we are continuing to tackle two of our biggest issues, that of the game not supplying you with your rewards properly at the end of missions and the reoccurring login failures.

This continues to be very important for us to fix as soon as possible and as such, we’ve decided to perform server maintenance in about 10 minutes. We anticipate that this will take roughly 45 minutes. As always when making changes in a live environment, we need to address this with caution and monitor the situation closely. Note that during this maintenance we expect there to be larger disruptions to the servers for a limited period of time.