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All Weapons in The Finals: Heavy, Medium and Light

The latest free-to-play FPS has just been released, and it comes in the form of the arena-based destruction battle royale, The Finals.

Now, players are diving into the game to see what it is all about, including all the new holiday content within.

However, you’re going to want to get familiar with all the weapons within the game, and we’ve got you covered.

All Weapons in The Finals: Heavy, Medium and Light

The Finals features a ton of destruction centred around the game, and the arena-based shooter has been soaring in popularity over the years leading up to the game’s release.

Now, with it fully here, you’ll want to get to grips with all the weapons, and we’ve got them listed below.

Light Weapons

  • M11: “Fast-firing, fully automatic machine pistol.”
  • Dagger: “Close-range melee weapon.”
  • Sword: “High-damage melee weapon.”
  • XP-54: “Tactical submachine gun.”
  • SH1900: “Double-barrel shotgun with a wide spread.”
  • V9S: “Fast-firing, fully automatic machine pistol.”
  • LH1: “Semi-automatic battle rifle.”

Medium Weapons

  • R.357: “High-power revolver.”
  • Model 1887: “Lever-action shotgun firing pellets.”
  • AKM: “Fully automatic assault rifle.”
  • CL-40: “Pump-action grenade launcher.”
  • FCAR: “Heavy tactical assault rifle.”
  • Riot Shield: “Carried shield; can be held close to the body for protection or can be used as a close-range melee weapon.”

Heavy Weapons

  • M60: Fully automatic light machine gun.
  • Sledgehammer: “Both a melee weapon and a tool that destroys the arena itself.”
  • SA1216: “Rapid-fire, semi-automatic shotgun with a quad-tube magazine.”
  • Lewis Gun: “Pan magazine-fed light machine gun.”
  • MGL32: “Revolving-action grenade launcher.”
  • Flamethrower: “Emits a stream of fire that burns and damages contestants.”