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All The New Features In Halo Infinite Shown So Far

Why Halo there, beautiful. As well as running at a smooth 60 frames per second, it looks like Halo Infinite will be packing plenty of new toys for Chief to play around with as he fights back against Banished forces. We’ve taken a careful look through the gameplay reveal from last week’s Xbox Games Showcase to collect together any details on fresh ideas this installment promises to bring to the seminal shooter franchise. So don those Spartan boots and charge those shields, because we’re about to break down all the new features in Halo Infinite that we’ve spotted for far.

All the new features in Halo Infinite shown so far

New guns

Honestly, it’s like these aliens still haven’t figured out that inventing new guns only means the Chief will use them on you. Clearly, they’re just getting cocky, because we’ve already seen several new weapons in our first look at Halo Infinite.

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The first weapon up is the VK78 Commando, a UNSC rifle with a slow rate of fire and chunky sounding hits. It comes with a small scope on top for those who really like to look a Grunt in the eyes before they ruin its day.

Next up is the Ravager, a brand new launcher that fires out three balls of plasma energy and requires venting to avoid overheating. A popular choice for big angry brutes, it comes with a spike on the front that can be used to impale anyone who comes too close.

Since Halo: Combat Evolved, pistols haven’t received as much love as they deserve in our opinion, but the Mangler could change that. It’s an eight-chambered revolver-style weapon that looks like it packs a mighty punch if you can stay on target. 

Finally, we have the CQS48 Bulldog, a new pump-action shotgun. Always a great choice when bouncing around in close quarters, the Bulldog comes with a drum magazine that allows for a higher ammo count and faster reloading.

There were plenty of other semi-new weapons shown in the trailer, including the MK50 Sidekick pistol and the Pulse Carbine, both of which look like updated models of previous weapons from the series. More exciting is one other tool that’s bound to prove useful both in and out of combat: the Grappling Hook.

A grappling hook (among other toys)

“Hey Craig, let me borrow you for a second.”

Master Chief was clearly impressed with Doomguy’s upgraded arsenal in Eternal because he’s touched up his own suit with a bit of grappling action. As well as helping you get to and fro in the world, this new Hook can be used to latch onto enemies, pulling you toward them for a swift punch or rifle butt to the forehead. Given Master Chief apparently weighs a whopping 450kg, that must be one heck of a sturdy cable.

You’ll also be able to hook onto items and pull them over to you. We didn’t exactly need an excuse to throw fusion coils into our enemies’ faces, but we’ll take anything that makes our explosive-loving lives easier. Don’t expect to be zipping around and grabbing items constantly, mind, as the grappling hook has a pretty lengthy cooldown of around nine seconds. You’re Master Chief, not Spider-Chief.

In exciting news, the grappling hook is only one of several different upgrades Chief can find and equip while exploring the world. We also see a Drop Shield collected and deployed during the trailer, appearing with a new, one-directional design.

A bigger world with missions we can choose

That new grappling hook seems like it’ll be a necessity, given just how large Halo Infinite’s world appears to be. We only got a brief glimpse of the map during the showcase, but it’s confirmed that Infinite’s scope will be on a much grander scale than the series has tried thus far. 

We see an ability to set waypoints and track different missions, so it looks like we’ll be given the freedom to roam around within pretty large areas, heading towards objectives of our choice and taking down Banished bases. We’re hoping that the word will also hold plenty of secrets to uncover using the upgraded traversal tools and, of course, our beloved Warthog.

Story fans shouldn’t fret though, as Halo Infinite won’t be an entirely open-world game. Rather, the section we got a look at in the campaign footage is one part of a larger story, and even while exploring it we’ll be driving our battle with the Banished forward.

A live platform

No, not a living, alien platform you have to fight; that’d just be weird. Instead, 343 Industries has talked about making Halo Infinite into a live platform. Speaking with IGN, studio head Chris Lee said that they “want Infinite to grow over time, versus going to those numbered titles and having all that segmentation that we had before.” How long is that likely to last? According to Lee, this is the “start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go forward with our fans and community.” So we could be playing Infinite for a long, long time if things work out.

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